Hymn Offerings

Five hymns were selected from a pool of 276 hymn offerings from participants all over Japan to be sung at the Grand Spring Service.

[*The service was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the hymns were sung for April Monthly Service at headquarters and churches that took place under limited attendance. We would like to share with you the thoughts and feelings of the members in Japan through their offerings.]



We come and gather

To pray at the grand service.

We pray, O God, please use us as you wish!


Always present and at any time,

My first and best Ally

Has always been and will always be my true Parent.


As I know the origin of this physical world

Exists in heaven,

I face God and walk the true path.



The spirit with which you founded the church

Has resurrected

And our hearts are ablaze!


The Church of Messiah long awaited for by all of humanity –

Please use us even for the smallest part

In Your work of salvation.


Other Hymns

Ten other hymns were also selected to be printed in the Grand Spring Service program from the same pool of hymn offerings.


The fact that the soul of Messiah is within me –

I impress this into my heart

As I lower my head

In front of the divine image of Meishu-sama.


The past, present and future is in my sonen.

I unite everything to the name of Messiah.


Glory belongs only to God!

For this I sing praise in the name of Messiah!


As Johrei is not as important now,

I will serve in the divine work of sonen

I will confidently and fully convey this.


Together with all of humanity and all of creation

We have been atoned for.

Courage to live wells up from within me!


Receiving the Sacred Oath of the Lord God,

I fulfill the mission as an apostle of the Messiah.


The fresh new breath of all of creation

Vividly springs to life.

This year, too, here I go!

With God’s farming.



With the leaflet, I convey your wishes –

Oh, how my soul now shines!


Leaving the salvation of Johrei,

We enter the era of sonen

And devote ourselves to the work of surrendering.


With our guidepost – Kyoshu-sama’s will –

We will walk the path together

Going forward without hesitation.

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