Every human being, without exception, did not fear God,

And took possession of the soul.

Oh, how grave was this sin!


Oh, how sinful we are

That we have forgotten to fear You, O God.

But through Your grace,

You have made us perceive this sin.

How profound is Your grace!


O Jesus Christ!

Representing us, humanity,

You offered your blood to God

And begged for the forgiveness of our sins!


O Jesus Christ,

You served in the work of atonement and died momentarily.

Yet you overcame death

And resurrected as the Child of God, as the Messiah!


O Meishu-sama,

By receiving the forgiveness of sins in your whole existence,

You pronounced, to the world, the divine revelation of

The transition from night to day!


Ah, Meishu-sama,

You rose out from the depths of the perished,

Were born anew and became the Messiah!


We were destined to perish,

But you, O Meishu-sama,

Have transformed us and remade us into ones

Who live eternally!


It was Meishu-sama existing within me

Who let me know and made me come in contact with true salvation.

O how joyful this is!


O Meishu-sama,

You have shown me the gospel of eternal life.

How can I not convey it to all humanity!


With an obedient heart,

I now acknowledge my sins that have been forgiven.

O God, allow me to repent and return to Your kingdom.

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