Hymns of Meishu-sama


Illness purifies one’s body and spirit.
It cleanses them.
O God,
There is no greater blessing than illness!


Everyone –
Do not be afraid of illness.
It is a blessing from God
That purifies the sins and defilement accumulated over the long years!


I am overjoyed!
I am cleansing this defiled land
And am constructing heaven!


Unfortunate are those who grieve over illness,
For it is, in fact, something to be rejoiced over!


O God,
Unfortunate are those who are trapped in visible, material matters
And have forgotten the soul that is invisible!

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“Give thanks to illness”

Before, I said: “Illness is the most wonderful blessing from God.” I take that readers have understood this point well enough by now. In society, expressions like “fight against illness” or “tackle a disease” are used with the perception that to cure an illness or disease one must fight against and overcome it. This perception, needless to say, is completely mistaken.

I think to myself: How does the perception of “the fight against illness” or “tackling a disease” affect an illness or disease? Let me also point out that the word “illness” is regarded as a synonym for “suffering.” To fight against illness is to fight against suffering; it is to express enmity toward suffering. To put it in another way, an enemy has invaded and occupied your territory, and you are trying to conquer and drive it out. When you are not able to drive out an illness or disease as you wish, it is natural then that, on top of suffering from the illness itself, feelings of anguish and impatience arise. As a result, not only do you suffer from the illness, you now have the added suffering of wanting to remove those negative feelings that are also sufferings in themselves.

Now, my theory is completely different. Illness, in my opinion, is a blessing from God. Illness is a process of purification whereby toxins in one’s body are to be reduced or removed. When you know this, a feeling of gratitude should well up within you. As for myself, I sometimes even wish for my illness or disease to be more severe. Also, I look forward to the time when I recover from an illness, knowing that I can expect an improved state of health as the toxins in my body will have been reduced through it.

So how does each one of these two interpretations of illness affect us mentally? On the one hand, the notion of “fighting against illness” engenders fear of illness as well as the agony of anxiety and impatience over it. On the other hand, regarding illness as a heavenly blessing produces gratitude, hope and enjoyment. You, thus, move forward one step into the realm of life’s happiness.

Just imagine: What do you think will happen if all the Japanese people come to this recognition of the truth about illness? The answer is clear. As they come to realize that what has been the cause of the greatest anxiety is, in fact, something entirely opposite, all the Japanese populace will be able to go about their daily lives with complete peace of mind. Not only does work efficiency improve, the brightness of society will be extraordinary. In this way, I am convinced that Japan will become the Heavenly Isle of the twentieth century.


Medicine for Tomorrow, vol. 2, October 5, 1943
(Excerpt from the article)

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