To members all around the world, we have joyful news to share with you.

On June 15, Kyoshu-sama will be present as officiant at World Church of Messiah’s Paradise on Earth Service (at World Church of Messiah headquarters).

Considering the current circumstances, although it has been decided that only representatives of the church including executive directors will be attending the service, Kyoshu-sama will deliver his message.

We will receive his message after four and a half months since the Beginning of Spring (Risshun) Service on February 4 when Meishu-sama’s true church bearing the name of Messiah was resurrected.

Despite the current times, we sincerely thank Kyoshu-sama for his upcoming presence at the service to deliver us a message.

From the message we will receive from Kyoshu-sama at the Paradise on Earth Service, let us earnestly seek what it is that Meishu-sama is trying to make us realize, what it is that he is wishing for, and let us as his followers fully accomplish our given missions.

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