Kyoshu-sama, Master of Rituals & Ceremonies, officiated the Consecration Prayer held on May 27 at the World Church of Messiah headquarters altar room. Kyoshu-sama consecrated a total of 56 divine images of Meishu-sama for church and home dedication. Kyoshu-sama’s successor Masaaki-sama was present, and also in attendance was President Narii representing the church.


The Consecration Prayer is a holy ritual that has been held since Meishu-sama’s lifetime. By Meishu-sama consecrating the Ohikari, a simple material object of this physical world becomes a genuinely pure and sacred object.


After Meishu-sama’s ascension, this sacred role has been passed down uninterrupted to successive Kyoshu-samas: Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama and through today to our Fourth Spiritual Leader Yoichi Okada, Yondai-Kyoshu-sama.


Kyoshu-sama holds two positions: One is that of Kyoshu, who guides us to Meishu-sama’s truth, and the other is that of Master of Rituals & Ceremonies, our representative who offers prayers to God and Meishu-sama.


It is precisely because the successive Kyoshu-samas have officiated the Consecration Prayer that we followers can wear the Ohikari around our neck and that the divine scroll and divine image of Meishu-sama are appropriate pure objects that can be dedicated on the altar.


In other words, without Kyoshu-sama officiating the Consecration Prayer, the Ohikari, the divine scroll and the divine image of Meishu-sama would be mere objects, and we could say that our daily activities of faith including guiding others and praying would all be in vain.


For us members of World Church of Messiah, let us deeply impress this into our hearts and go forward on this path of faith.


Now, apart from the assisting officiants, members of Meishu-sama’s Official Spiritual Lineage and church representatives, this was the first time in the church’s long history that reporting staff was present – truly a deep honor. Naturally, photographing and the like are strictly prohibited.

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