At this time, it has been decided to share with all of you a part of a video series for members posted by Rev. Felipe, a lead minister from World Church of Messiah USA, on World Church of Messiah’s YouTube channel (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) and official Facebook page (in English and Portuguese).

Rev. Felipe has been holding live broadcasts on YouTube for morning prayer services in English, Portuguese and Spanish and there, has been reading aloud Kyoshu-sama’s messages and Masaaki-sama’s greetings, then sharing what he himself has learned from them.

As you will see below, we send to you links of one portion that was broadcasted in four parts from April 27–30 regarding Masaaki-sama’s manuscript, “The True Johrei.” Containing great passion and great content, we would like to extend this to all members around the world. In order for all of humanity to be born anew as God’s children, as Messiahs, let us nourish ourselves from what we are allowed to learn from “The True Johrei.”

This post is also available in: Português