God exists


Human beings have to simply acknowledge the existence of God and know that He sees through everything. Anything else is a trivial matter; it is unnecessary. Everyone makes religious teachings so troublesome by saying things like “one must do this” or “one must act like this.” The single, most crucial point is this: God exists. But there is scarcely anyone who teaches this. To be honest, I think only World Church of Messiah says this now. I have never heard people of other religions advocating this.

Sermon, February 27, 1954



Everyone, let me say this: God the Creator, the Lord God, is alive! He is alive and lives within each and every one of you. This is not something you can understand with human logic. Can you say, “God lives within me,” with conviction and truthfulness? Can you say it as something that comes from your heart? That is the question.

We humans struggle in our daily lives, absorbed in the world of countless emotions and not being able to control them. It is difficult, truly, to feel that “God lives within me.” We somehow have managed to believe in God, though narrowly, through what we call “faith.” We have tried to trust in God, though narrowly, through telling Him our wishes.

This kind of faith we have had until today is different from what I am trying to convey to you now. Rather, I am asking: Can we really say with conviction that “God lives within me”?

Meishu-sama came into this world with the name Mokichi Okada and lived his life, confronting what was presented to him. Through it all, he came to the sensation that God lived within him, and in the end, he was allowed to believe it with firm conviction. And now, Meishu-sama no longer needs the name Mokichi Okada – he no longer carries that name. He became a child of God – a child of the Father in heaven who is the Parent of his life. He became someone who inherits the work of the heavenly Father. This state of Meishu-sama, I believe, is what we call the Messiah, the Savior. That is, Meishu-sama is now a child of God, expressing the will of God Himself.

Grand Autumn Service
October 19, 2003



We want to be happy and joyful, don’t we? And true joy is something that lasts forever, isn’t it? The happiness and joy you find in this world are temporal – they do not last. You may feel happy when an illness is cured but another illness may befall you and take away your life.

That is why I am telling you that there is a world called heaven. It is a world where you can find true and eternal joy. Heaven exists! A world filled with perfect comfort, joy, love and peace exists!

Heaven can also be called the house of God. The Father of this household is God. He wants to live with His children in His own house, but they have run away from home. He, as a parent, wants His children to come back home one day. And you know what? God is now waiting for us in His house, in our home. The only issue left is whether we want to go back to our true home or not.

. . . when you hear something about God, you may feel as if it is something unreal because you cannot see Him with your eyes, but, actually, God and Meishu-sama do exist. Meishu-sama has not gone away nor has he disappeared because he passed away. So, even though you cannot see it, believe in heaven where both our true Father and Meishu-sama live. Open the door of Heaven – your true home – and jump in! Say to God and Meishu-sama that you are sorry you ran away from them! If you do that, I tell you that God and Meishu-sama will embrace you – they will hug you, because their love is unfailing and true. When that happens, the joy you will feel is something you have never experienced before – words cannot describe it.

To youth members
Frankfurt Church, September 1, 2018

Published in Glory, no. 6, July 1, 2020

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