Under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, World Church of Messiah’s first Profession Ceremony took place on July 12 at the headquarters altar room.


Kyoshu-sama’s successor, Masaaki-sama, was present, in addition to the executive directors including President Narii and the regional directors. Also assembled were those eagerly waiting to become new members along with the members who helped guide them.


The ceremony began and Kyoshu-sama entered the altar. He read aloud the opening prayer to God, and after everyone prayed the Amatsu Norito, Meishu-sama’s hymns were sung. After “Words of Light” was heard, everyone received Johrei from Kyoshu-sama.


Next, the video “To Become Children of God: To Be Born Anew” was shown.


After a brief recess, Kyoshu-sama presented the Ohikari to each candidate wishing to profess their faith and become a member.


After Kyoshu-sama exited the altar, President Narii gave a greeting. Next, everyone voiced aloud Sacred Oath together, then sang “Ieji (Goin’ Home)” with lyrics written by Kyoshu-sama. At the end of the song arose applause, bringing the ceremony to a close.


While one could see nervousness on the expressions of those who were presented the Ohikari from Kyoshu-sama, equally, there was radiance.


Precisely because the person who consecrates and presents the Ohikari is Kyoshu-sama, in the most proper way, it can truly be an Ohikari that shines brilliantly.


From that day, every day, under Kyoshu-sama who reveals to us the will of Meishu-sama in this world, new members will go forward on the path of returning to the heaven within ourselves, return everything to the Creator, the Lord God, and follow Meishu-sama’s example of being born anew as a child of God.

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