The Fourth-Year Memorial Service of the passing of Meishu-sama’s fourth son, Kunihiro Okada, took place in the altar room of the World Church of Messiah headquarters on July 28.


Attending the service were Kyoshu-sama; Kunihiro-sama’s surviving family members; surviving relatives belonging to Meishu-sama’s Official Spiritual Lineage, Mayumi-okusama and Kyoshu-sama’s successor, Masaaki-sama; and President Nakadomari (of SKK), President Narii, Vice President Shirasawa and Vice President Kawatani representing the church.


Kunihiro-sama was born in 1932 and assumed his position in Meishu-sama’s Official Spiritual Lineage in 1975. Inheriting Meishu-sama’s ability in the arts, he demonstrated outstanding sensibility in fields such as metal craft and ceramics.


Members of the Okada family including surviving members of Kunihiro-sama formerly attended memorial services and other services that took place in Hakone. But since the following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing of Meishu-sama’s family by the illegitimate Board of Executive Directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo was uncovered, everyone unanimously comes to pray at the World Church of Messiah headquarters.


Recently, Kunihiro-sama’s wife, Mrs. Takae Okada of the Official Spiritual Lineage, passed away on July 30. We sincerely pray that her soul may rest in peace. During her life, Takae-sama, too, made clear her will to go forward together with Kyoshu-sama.

Mrs. Takae Okada’s memorial service for the church is scheduled to take place soon.

World Church of Messiah, from here on too, will continue to seek the true faith of Meishu-sama under Kyoshu-sama.

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