Greeting by Masaaki-sama
(Including Question & Answer)

Meeting with Kyoshu-sama
Directors and Ministers of World Church of Messiah Portugal
and Overseas Ministers 

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, Lisbon, Portugal
October 31, 2019


Good morning!

Today I would like to talk about what Kyoshu-sama has been teaching us regarding Johrei.

For a long time – for a very long time – Kyoshu-sama has been teaching us that it is very important for us to surrender our feelings and emotions to God in the name of Messiah.

Why are we able to surrender our feelings? Why does God want to receive all of our feelings?

God is always wanting to receive all of our thoughts, everything that we think. And I believe God is always enveloping us with His great hand. God envelops us with His hand, enveloping our hearts and feelings as well. What Kyoshu-sama is teaching us is that this hand of God is the true hand of Johrei.

We channel Johrei, don’t we? Is the hand we raise at that time our own hand? Or is it the hand of God? Which one is it? If it is God’s hand, is there a time that God is not raising His hand? Is there a time when God is not channeling Johrei?

I believe that there is no such time, not even a moment. God is always, at any time, channeling Johrei to us within us, and He enwraps everything that we feel and think with His hands and welcomes us into His heaven.

So we always want to channel Johrei. Isn’t that true? However, there may be times when we cannot channel Johrei to other people. If we are alone at home at night, we may feel many emotions such as anger at another person. At that moment, it is important for us to think, “Ah, we feel these negative feelings because God is transmitting Johrei to us and enveloping us with His light.” And at the same time, if we think, “O God! You want to receive this feeling, this emotion in Your heaven, don’t You! God, please, I will surrender this feeling,” God will then say to us, “Ah, you understood! I am channeling Johrei within you. That’s it! Did you understand? Good then!”

I believe that this is the point that Kyoshu-sama is teaching us and that this is the true meaning of Johrei.

When we can channel Johrei to others, I believe it is important for us to think, “Ah, I am now channeling Johrei. But if I am not able to channel Johrei to this person or others, God will always be channeling Johrei within them and within me.” God is channeling Johrei to all of humanity, always!


Meishu-sama purified a year before his ascension. He suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage. Soon after this purification, Meishu-sama repeatedly said: “Johrei is not as important now. From here on, we enter the world of sonen.” Perhaps we did not know this, but Meishu-sama said this many times to those close to him. However, Meishu-sama was not able to convey the true meaning of these words before he passed away.

Nevertheless, I believe that Kyoshu-sama, receiving the true will of Meishu-sama, is now sharing with us what Meishu-sama wanted to convey to us with these words.

Kyoshu-sama is not denying Johrei. Meishu-sama and Kyoshu-sama are trying to convey to us that God exists within us and that He is always channeling Johrei to us because God wants to save the whole world – the entire world!

All of humanity exists within us. All of humanity’s ancestors also exist within us. The act of surrendering a feeling can bring salvation to the people who exist within us.

So, I believe that what Kyoshu-sama is teaching us is very important in order to save all of humanity. I also think that this shows the immensity of our mission and the immensity of the mission of our church.

Maybe until today, we thought: Who is better, Meishu-sama or Jesus Christ? Who is better?

Perhaps we were thinking: Is Meishu-sama the only Messiah or not? Then who is Jesus Christ? If Meishu-sama is the only Messiah, then who is Jesus Christ? We have this question, this query within us.

But if the soul that exists within Meishu-sama and within Jesus Christ is God’s soul, would it be possible for us to compare who is better? No! God’s soul is one, and we cannot compare it.

The soul that exists within Jesus Christ and within Meishu-sama is the same soul named Messiah. But that is not all. Within us, the light exists – light! The soul of God named Messiah exists within us.

Meishu-sama once said that he would save Jesus Christ, but I believe we did not understand the meaning of these words. For us, when we hear these words, we try to compare: “If Meishu-sama said this, then maybe he is better than Jesus Christ.” But I do not think like this. I believe that Meishu-sama did not want to convey that he was better than Jesus Christ, but instead, convey the immensity of our mission, how immense it is.

Until today, no one was able to convey what Jesus Christ really wanted to say. But by Meishu-sama being born anew as the Messiah, he became a prototype for all humanity and truly inherited the will of Jesus Christ. No one until today was able to inherit the true wish of Jesus Christ. But Meishu-sama, for the first time in the history of humanity, was finally able to accomplish this. Meishu-sama is trying to convey God’s truth, Jesus Christ’s truth. Our mission is to accept this truth, and we need to try and convey it to many people.

Until today, no one was able to inherit the true will of Jesus Christ. However, Meishu-sama did! For this reason, I believe that Meishu-sama said he was saving Jesus.

I think that we are not able to feel the true wish of Meishu-sama, correct? But through Kyoshu-sama, we now know what Meishu-sama truly wants, what true salvation is and what the true salvation of Jesus Christ is. For this reason, I believe that our mission is very big. Our mission is truly very big – immense!

I want to go forward on this very great, this very important path in the salvation of humanity, and I would like to walk this way always with Kyoshu-sama and with all of you.

Thank you.


Question & Answer with Masaaki-sama


Question from President Fernando:

With globalization and access to the internet, members from overseas have become aware of the number of Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word that we still do not have access to today due to the language barrier and certain church boards. This brings us to feel inferior with respect to the Japanese members, even though we know that a great effort by Kyoshu-sama is being made in order to choose the Sacred Word for monthly services and ceremonies. With the “second birth” of World Church of Messiah and with the opportunity to begin a completely new faith, how can we face this situation in regard to Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word and fulfill the wish of the members to have access to the Sacred Word in their entirety?



Fernando, you may be seated.

Your question is about the Sacred Word, correct? About the fact that you still do not have access to the Sacred Word in their entirety and that you feel inferior because of this.

I, too, think that it is better for all of you to have access to all of Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word. And I, together with Kyoshu-sama, will do my best to translate them. I will continue to do the translations with Kyoshu-sama.

However, I think that we need to think about one point. This is a very important point. The question is whom does the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama come from. From whom did Meishu-sama receive the Sacred Word? To whom does the Sacred Word belong?

The answer is God.

God prepared His Sacred Word and bestowed them on Meishu-sama. I believe this is the most important point. Because the Sacred Word comes from God. He exists within us. Not only within Meishu-sama. God exists within us, and the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama comes from God. We need to acknowledge this point before anything else.

Meishu-sama wrote the following hymn: “When spread out, / It is millions of teachings, / When condensed, / It is the sacred heart of Kannon!” But now, Kannon has become Messiah. So, this hymn is “When spread out, / It is millions of teachings, / When condensed, / It is the sacred heart of Messiah!”

“Heart of Messiah.” What is the “heart of Messiah”?

So there are millions of teachings, of sacred words. There are many sacred words of Meishu-sama – but, in a few words, they are the heart of the Messiah.

Messiah, or God, wants to unite with us always. Therefore, we need to accept that the wish of God exists within us.

Another point – is the God that exists within us perfect or imperfect?

He is perfect, is He not?

We are always completed by Him. If we think “we cannot receive God’s wish completely because we do not know the entirety of Meishu-sama,” God might say to you, “You do not accept Me? You do not believe I am perfect?”

It is difficult to translate all the Sacred Word since so much time is required. It might take 50, 60 or 70 years to complete all the translations. It might not even be possible to translate them all while you are alive. So, you might think, “I am not receiving Meishu-sama’s wish in its entirety.” Or you can live your life thinking, “No! I am complete and filled with the wish of God, who is perfect!” You need to make a choice; choose which one within yourself.

Because if we think of what we lack, we will notice that there are always many things that we lack. But God is perfect, and He lives within us. I believe this is a very important point. To acknowledge this is very important.

When this feeling of “oh, I lack this or that,” like the one in your question, surfaces, try to think, “No, no! God is perfect. I lack nothing.” If you think in this way, God will prepare what is necessary for you. I think this is very important.

Thank you.


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