Hymns of Meishu-sama


I have nothing to fear in this world –
I who advance with the power of God!


The unrighteous are weak.
For they cannot overcome sins and temptations that befall them!


Rolling up my sleeves,
Spitting on my hands,
I grab the sword of God.
I will now wield this weapon
To cut away my enemies!


Sacred Word of Meishu-sama

“The battle between good and evil”

From the very early ages, anytime or anywhere, human society has never been free from the battle between good and evil. On a large scale, there has been this sort of battle among nations and on a smaller scale, in a household – there is no exception. Of course, the religious world is the same. This battle, or may I say conflict, constitutes one of the three problems of the world: illness, poverty and conflict. Until a certain time comes, our church cannot avoid having various conflicts, so we try to advance salvation through them. Look, the Pharisees are continuously trying to obstruct the progress of our divine work whatever it takes. This is nothing other than the battle between good and evil, the fight between God and the Devil, the war between God the Righteous and Satan.

Among all the new religions, I suspect we are the chief antagonist of Satan, and rightly so. As I imagine that everybody wants to know the reason, I will outline it now. The Divine Spirit who presides over our church wields the power of the Messiah at the time of the world’s great transition. For the Satanic world, this power is a tremendous threat and is something that will bring it total and final destruction. If our church turns out to be a great religion in the coming future, Satan will be cornered and left to either repent or perish, that is, it will be cornered to make the decision on its final destiny. Knowing this and wanting to avoid being in this terrifying situation, Satan and its companions impede our activities desperately and with all their might.

You should know that Satan’s companions are numerous – perhaps tens of thousands – it is impossible to count them all. There are ranks among them – some are chiefs, some are subordinates. The higher the rank, the stronger they are. Satan selects those who seem particularly useful in obstructing the activities of our church. Those satanic members then enter humans, take possession of them and attack our church through them. Once they enter, they have total control of their vessels. They occupy the brain of the possessed and get hold of their minds. Those who are possessed are filled with thoughts like the following: World Church of Messiah is annoying; I hate them; let’s cause them some trouble; I want to destroy them. If those who are possessed are intellectuals, Satan will cause them to think in a way that is appropriate for them. That is, they will be made to believe that since World Church of Messiah is heretical, it is better for society if the church is crushed.

Now, I want to say something that is most interesting: our publications. All of our articles are good and have nothing that would invite any criticism, so Satan tries to hide them from those who are possessed. He is afraid his plan will fail if the publications are read. In fact, those who are possessed feel agonizing pain when they read the publications. We know this because the possessed often confess this once the evil spirits have left.

So long as the possessed are reading our publications, their evil spirits will weaken and their intention to obstruct us diminish. On the contrary, as long as they do not read our publications, they will continue to be the servants of the Devil and defy God. This should make you understand how great and powerful we are.

Now, I want to give you a word of warning about the fate of those who have been possessed by evil spirits. As the spiritual world turns into day, the power of purification will strengthen, and the work of cleansing will be thorough. As a result, Satan has no choice but to perish. This is the so-called Last Judgment.

But, oh how great is His love! In order to save as many people as possible, God is now trying to remove the evil spirits from the possessed and make them reclaim their true conscience. To this end, we are used by God to write these words of warning.


Messiah, no. 54, March 18, 1950
(Excerpt from the article)

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