Greeting from President Narii

World Church of Messiah Grand Ancestor Service

Headquarters Altar Room
August 1, 2020


Congratulations everyone on the World Church of Messiah Grand Ancestor Service.

Just now, together with all of you from across Japan and all the ancestors, we received permission to hold the World Church of Messiah Grand Ancestor Service in which Kyoshu-sama, the only existence who determines what the teaching of Meishu-sama is in Sekai Kyusei Kyo and who is the Master of Rituals & Ceremonies of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, served as officiant. For this, I offer my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to God, Meishu-sama, who is with God, and to Kyoshu-sama.


Today, Kyoshu-sama’s wife, Mayumi-okusama, and his successor, Masaaki-sama, are also in attendance and I would like to present them to you.

Mayumi-okusama, Masaaki-sama, I beg your pardon, if you may, please stand.

Everyone, today I have truly happy news to announce to you.

The day after tomorrow, Mayumi-okusama will reach the auspicious 70th birthday. Everyone, let us celebrate with a big round of applause! Mayumi-okusama, our most sincere congratulations to you.

Thank you very much.

I sincerely thank you, Mayumi-okusama, for in ways seen and unseen, we have always received your care and attention in various matters so that we are able to truly go forward as one heart with Kyoshu-sama.

May you always be in good cheer and continue to guide us. Thank you.


First, there is something that I humbly must relay to you today.

The day before yesterday, on July 30, Mrs. Takae Okada, member of Meishu-sama’s Official Spiritual Lineage, made her transition to heaven at the age of 81.

Takae-sama was the wife of Mr. Kunihiro Okada, Meishu-sama’s fourth son. As a member of the Official Spiritual Lineage, while bearing heavy responsibility in order to support the Church, she made great efforts together with Sandai-sama to found the Sangetsu School of Flower Arrangement (Ikebana), devoting her life to Meishu-sama’s divine work as the general director of the Sangetsu School.

And for this time’s church purification, after knowing the actual circumstances, Takae-sama made clear her will, her wish, to walk together with Kyoshu-sama. That is to say, in effect, she made clear her will to walk together with us of World Church of Messiah.

As we call with reverence those who are very close to Meishu-sama, including Kyoshu-sama, as members of the Okada Official Spiritual Lineage, I believe that it is a truly grateful matter that all of them have entrusted their hearts to us, World Church of Messiah.

Here today, together with all of you from across the country, with sincere gratitude and reverence, I would like to extend my sincere praise to the memory of Mrs. Takae Okada and pray for her increasing service and efforts in heaven.


At this time when Takae-sama was called back to heaven, there are currently four members in the Official Spiritual Lineage: Kyoshu-sama; Mayumi-okusama, Kyoshu-sama’s wife; Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor; and Mami-okusama, Masaaki-sama’s wife.

Among the many religious groups in the world that look up to Meishu-sama as their founder, World Church of Messiah is the only one that goes forward under the Okada Official Spiritual Lineage. World Church of Messiah is the only one that advances divine work under the unbroken line of the Holy Seat of Kyoshu that began with Meishu-sama, the first Kyoshu-sama. This means that Meishu-sama has entrusted the Official Spiritual Lineage and the divine work under Kyoshu-sama, who inherits his sacred work, solely to World Church of Messiah.

The holy seat of Kyoshu-sama is a truly sacred seat that Meishu-sama determined himself. Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama, the current Fourth Spiritual Leader, Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama, and Masaaki-sama, who in the future will succeed and become the Fifth Spiritual Leader Kyoshu-sama—the succeeding Kyoshu-samas, who are part of Meishu-sama’s noble lineage, inherit the founder Meishu-sama’s sacred work. This is the true Kyoshu-centered organization, which is precisely the basic principle of the Church and a most important foundation.

Under Kyoshu-sama and with the Official Spiritual Lineage, we are able to go forward on the true path of faith in Meishu-sama. I believe for us members of World Church of Messiah, there is nothing more grateful, no greater honor than that. At the same time, my heart trembles at the gravity of this responsibility that Meishu-sama has entrusted to us. I believe it is a truly humbling matter.


At this year’s Beginning of Spring Service on February 4, we were allowed to be part of World Church of Messiah, resurrected after transcending 70 years. And in June, we received permission to hold the World Church of Messiah Paradise on Earth Service of deep significance under Kyoshu-sama.

Also, along with grand services, as from this Paradise on Earth Service, monthly services and monthly ancestor memorial services, too, have been determined to have Kyoshu-sama serve as officiant.

At the same time, it has been decided that for grand services, we will receive Kyoshu-sama’s message, and for monthly services, we will receive guidance from Kyoshu-sama’s successor, Masaaki-sama.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, who both have guided us in this new way from the Paradise on Earth Service onward.

Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, I sincerely thank you.


Now then everyone, half a year has passed since the resurrection of World Church of Messiah.

For myself, these six months have been a rich six months where I was placed in a very important turning point and time of nurturing.

The whole world finds itself in a reality where the new coronavirus is spreading, being forced to experience what has never happened until today. At one glance, it seems that we have been placed under a situation of confusion and uncertainty, being tormented by anxiety and fear.

However, for us of World Church of Messiah, united to Meishu-sama who sincerely served God and under Kyoshu-sama who reveals to us the will of Meishu-sama in this material world, our hearts are not simply bound to anxiety or fear. Instead, we have been allowed to turn our hearts every day to the will of God shining brilliantly in the center of all matters and within us.

This year too, beginning at the New Year Service, then the Beginning of Spring Service and Paradise on Earth Service, Kyoshu-sama gave to us truly sacred messages, along with his hymns published in each issue of World Church of Messiah’s publication Glory. He is always illuminating the path we should be going forward on.

At the same time, Masaaki-sama, who is truly one with Kyoshu-sama, has presented to us his greetings that boldly guide us to the world of Kyoshu-sama’s guidance, and has presented his truly invaluable manuscripts on the true Johrei and the Sacred Word.

Also at this time, it has been decided that Masaaki-sama will regularly schedule to send video messages in Portuguese and in English tailored to Portuguese and English-speaking members.

And last month, the first video message, entitled “The True Path,” was released to the people of the world. The video with Japanese subtitles is already posted on YouTube, so everyone in Japan, by all means, have a look. I would like for us to receive this as very important nourishment for our learning.

Through these messages where Masaaki-sama speaks directly in Portuguese and English, together with the many members all around the world, I certainly believe that we will be able to awaken still further to Meishu-sama’s true salvation on which Kyoshu-sama guides us. I am truly grateful for this.

In this way, whatever situation we may find ourselves in, under the prayers of Kyoshu-sama that are filled with love, our hearts were opened wide to the path of World Church of Messiah, that is, the path to heaven that receives the immeasurable power of salvation in the name of Messiah, the path that Meishu-sama was truly wishing for. We have received this blessing.

When I look back at these past six months, I myself, too, have had permission to greatly awaken to the true Johrei, have been guided to a tremendous awakening regarding the Sacred Word, and have come in contact with, even if only an inkling, the profound forgiveness of God. There were many times my eyes overflowed with tears.

And it is only through Kyoshu-sama, who stands in for Meishu-sama in this material world, that I have been able to go forward on this path—of this, I once again felt strong conviction within myself.


Here at today’s Grand Ancestor Service, I, in the name of Messiah, returned to the heaven within each one of us together with all our ancestors who are one with us; received the forgiveness of God in the name of Messiah and the immense power of salvation; and praised the immeasurable glory of God’s divine work.

I would like to receive Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama as my fathers of faith; Mayumi-okusama and Mami-okusama as my mothers of faith. For without them and had I continued on with the faith of mine until today, I would never have reached the true faith in Meishu-sama. So following my parents of faith with all my heart and to the best of my meager ability, I truly wish to serve wholeheartedly in the divine work of World Church of Messiah.

Together with all of you from around the country and with all our ancestors, under Kyoshu-sama, I would like to serve with all my might in this divine work now being allowed. And while passionately carrying the vision of what World Church of Messiah would be in five, ten years from now, I pledge to go forward with the work of sonen, the true Johrei. Here ends my greeting to you.

Thank you very much.


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