Hymns of Meishu-sama


O God, the time has come—

The time when Satan who has succeeded in

Corrupting Your way for so long falls!


Those who want to denounce or deride us,

Say whatever you want to say—I welcome any attack on me.

For I own the holy sword of God!


I will fight the evil scheme

That plots the destruction of this world.

I will fight it for as long as I live!


Sacred Word of Meishu-sama

Sermons on justice

I have fought for a long time to preserve justice. This oftentimes puts me at a disadvantage. For example, I have experienced my share of loss in court, but I needed to take those legal actions to protect justice. Know this: God is justice, and if you forget justice, you will be apart from God.

Sermon, December 5, 1953


The world manages to survive only because you can never defeat justice no matter what you do. If justice is defeated even just a little, the world will collapse in no time. So to preserve justice is really a serious matter. Take Jesus as an example. Even though his earthly body perished, look at what he achieved for the world—it was because he was right. And justice is not something you need to express outwardly only. What counts the most is the unyielding will to defend justice whatever it takes. In fact, the only way to judge the value of a person is to see whether they have this will or not. The stronger this will is, the more valuable a person is. If you lack this will, you are just an opportunist who only thinks of your own interest, that is, you are a human only in appearance with no substance, no guts. But, to tell you the truth, nowadays, almost everybody has become like this.

Sermon, October 1, 1952


Today, everyone gets a result contrary to their wishes. When you look at the cause of this, the most fundamental problem is they only think in terms of loss and gain and not in terms of justice—that is why. This is true not only for large-scale matters but for individuals as well. If something does not go as you wish in your life, it is because you lack the sense of justice. What you have to bear in mind is that, in many cases, to pursue justice would contradict the thinking of loss and gain—it appears that you will lose a lot by pursuing justice. In other words, protecting justice seems “unprofitable,” but, actually, it is not. It is in fact “profitable,” though it may sound strange to say that justice is profitable. This is something that cannot be explained by standard reasoning, but it is something quite interesting as well.

Sermon, December 16, 1953


To defend justice whatever it takes—this counts the most. Why? Because God protects justice. No matter what you do, if you forget justice, you will fail in the end. In my life, I fought many times and met with various persecutions, but I never yielded. I always protected justice and never gave in, never budged. As a result, I have started to win. Defending justice puts you in a miserable state for a while—that is why we feel it is inconvenient to act justly. Usually, when trouble comes your way, you choose an easy way out instead of acting in terms of justice. This method is only effective for a short period of time. But if you choose the path of justice, of righteousness, you will come to know that God will grant you the final victory.

Sermon, November 25, 1953

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