World Church of Messiah announces that we are receiving applications for SEMES: a program that aims to develop young members who wish to pursue a missionary career, have the desire to go forward one heart with Kyoshu-sama and convey the true salvation of Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ for all humankind.

In principle, SEMES will last a duration of two years in Japan, which may be extended accordingly. (This excludes the period of training in the country of your residence.)



  1. Be a member of World Church of Messiah
  2. Be nominated by the president of the Church in your country
  3. Be in good health
  4. Be 25 years old or under
  5. Have basic knowledge of the Japanese language (Level 5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) recognized upon an examination approved by the Japanese government

For more information, contact the headquarters of World Church of Messiah in the country of your residence.


*SEMES: Seminário Messias in Portuguese loosely translates to “Messiah Seminary Studies” in English

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