Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ are one

Question: Meishu-sama, I would like to ask you about my daughter who goes to a Christian school…

Meishu-sama: And? What’s the problem?
Question: Well, she prays to Jesus Christ at school and to Kannon at home, and this makes me a bit…
Meishu-sama: A bit what? You must know that Christ and Kannon are the same thing. Christ is Kannon in the West and Kannon is Christ in the East. It’s just like your daughter wearing both western clothes and Japanese clothes.


Sermon, March 13, 1949


For us and on behalf of all humanity, Meishu-sama repented and received the forgiveness of sins. To God, Meishu-sama surrendered his physical and limited life and also surrendered the human-made notion that “all humans die.” Meishu-sama was then able to resurrect in an eternal and new life of the Messiah. . . .

To atone the sins of all humanity, Jesus was crucified. Yet he rose from the dead, resurrected and became the Christ, the Messiah.

Meishu-sama, through being born anew as the Messiah, made us realize that the will of God in sending Meishu-sama to the earth and God’s will to send Jesus to the earth were one.

Meishu-sama awakened us to the fact that the name of Messiah is not prepared only for the Jewish people and Christians.

All humanity, without exception, can be born anew as children of God named Messiah and be granted the eternal life of God.


Grand Spring Service & International Membership Conference USA
April 21, 2019


As it was written in our new leaflet (Who We Are—We were born on earth to become children of God), 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life, atoned for our sins and atoned for the sins of humanity. He was then resurrected and fulfilled the will of God to become the child of God, the Christ, the Messiah. Meishu-sama, in 1954, was also born anew as the Messiah.

Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ—the two of them together—are one. Our religion and Christianity—the two of them together—are one. That is because the will of God is one. The will of God is to have all of humanity be born anew as His children, Messiahs. This is God’s only wish.

Even though this will of God was clear, it wasn’t completed in Christianity. That is why God needed to send Meishu-sama to this world. So in that sense, our mission, our task is huge. It is a grave one. We have the mission to fulfill what wasn’t completed in Christianity. It is only up to us, our church, it is our religion, that brings the true salvation to the whole world.


Monthly Appreciation Service & Youth Paradise II
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, September 2, 2018

Published in Glory, no. 9, October 1, 2020

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