Hymn Offerings

Five hymns were selected from a pool of 278 hymn offerings from participants all over Japan to be sung at the Grand Autumn Service.


With Lord God in our breath,

We joyfully celebrate this Grand Autumn Service.


O, the Lord God!

With Your forgiveness,

Please harvest us—insignificant us—

As proof of Your fruits!


What is Yours, I make my own.

You forgive this sin and save me.

O God, how I praise Your work!


How happy I am!

Now that I know

The church bearing the name of Messiah is within me!


I want to return home—

And with this hand

Bring everyone and everything

Back to heaven where You are waiting.


Other Hymns

Fifteen other hymns were also selected to be printed in the Grand Autumn Service program from the same pool of hymn offerings.


Kyoshu-sama’s hymns in Glory

Reveal to us the essence of

World Church of Messiah’s path.


What a blessing!

Serving in the salvation of

Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ

Working in concert with each other.


Each moment I surrender to You

Salvation expands instantaneously—

The divine work of sonen.


Even in our homes

We can offer Kyoshu-sama’s opening prayer to God

And take part in the service of God’s Kingdom.

How joyful we are!


I say to the medicine, a part of all creation:

“Me and you, together—let’s go to heaven.”


After coming to know

Your will embedded in all creation,

I have begun to hear You say,

Surrender even the sounds of nature.


From Your nurturing

The strain and exertion of trying too hard has disappeared,

And, O God, I serve daily with ease.


The church shines brilliantly,

A holy place of worship.

It resounds with praise,

“God, please make use of me.”


Seeking the Sacred Word that exists in heaven,

I will become a child of God

By following Meishu-sama as my example.


I perceive it as an old form, put to an end.

I surrender it to Your hand

Together with all creation.


Not one thing

Is left out of Your will.

This suffering, too, is no exception.


This month, too, I wait with excitement for Glory,

Where Kyoshu-sama reveals his thoughts and feelings.


He whose life perished

In the place of execution

Will be resurrected

By the will of God,

By the great plan of Meishu-sama.


I studied the teachings of Meishu-sama

For myself.

But I was made to know the Sacred Word of Meishu-sama.

I must repent.


When I engrave

The Sacred Word and the Holy Bible into my heart,

The morning I awaken, I am filled with hope.

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