Hymns of Meishu-sama


O God!
Without the atonement of the god Tokotachi,
The whole universe would certainly have perished already!


O you the saint who prayed for your enemies!
Allow me to remember and feel your heart—
Your great and compassionate heart!


I am clanging a bell
To wake everyone up.
But they cover their ears
And do not even try to hear it!


O God,
How deep and unfathomable Your plan is!
It can never be seen by human eyes.
There is no way we can understand it!


The god Tokotachi imparts these words to me:
“You should never talk about this plan of God to anyone!”
Yet at the same time, he says,
“You must tell this plan of God to everyone!”


Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
Sacred Word regarding the Bible


It is indeed a wonder of the world that the United States has consolidated its position as the world leader within the last hundred years or so, and we need to know why. I say that the United States as a nation is founded on a noble religious spirit—this is the reason for their growth. Naturally, then, the most important and urgent matter for reconstructing Japan is for all the populace to become people of faith, that is, to believe in God. I am truly envious to hear that in the United States, every household owns at least one Bible in their home.

“The Japanese and their piety,” December 17, 1949


I want to say one more thing: it is about today’s prosperity of the United States. We really need to give careful thought as to why this is the case. Obviously, it is because Christianity lies at the foundation of thought in the general public—that is why. This aspect can be seen in everything they do. The other day, I read a statement made by General MacArthur relating to the Korean War. He wrote, “God will help us achieve our objective.” This simple, mere sentence in itself is a testament as to how much faith the General has. I also heard that the intellectuals in the United States including President Truman are all Christian and that there is almost not a single household in the US without the Bible. Ah, the democracy in the US must be the manifestation of its Christian spirit! Compared to this, look at the miserable state of today’s Japan.

Memoirs on Religious Persecution, October 30, 1950


Finally, I want to say something else. If you look at the speeches of people like Eisenhower, Truman or MacArthur, they use the word “God” without fail. Just the other day, I had a chance to watch a clip of the inauguration of President Eisenhower. In it, the President was taking an oath while placing his left hand on the Bible! As I watched this, I felt something inexplicable within me—a sense of awe, if you like. I thought to myself, “the Americans’ ardent and unyielding determination for prosperity and peace must have come from there.”

“On fair elections, part two,” April 8, 1953


There is one last thing I want to add. That is, to place at least one Bible in every cell of a prison. For among all the religious books in the whole world, there is no other book more powerful than the Bible to lead people to repentance.

Memoirs on Religious Persecution, October 30, 1950

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