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Kyoshu-sama’s Message
“To Members All Around the World”
December 23, 2020


To all the members around the world: how are you?

The other day on December 20, I attended Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service that took place in Japan. There, together with the members of Japan, but at the same time, one in thought with all of you, we celebrated the birth of Meishu-sama, the most important existence for us.

This year, due to the influence of the novel coronavirus, I believe all of you have gone through great difficulty. Being here in Japan, I was very concerned about how all of you were doing, and I still am very concerned.

In Meishu-sama’s hymn, he says:

“Yes, it does appear to be impassable. / But with Your lead, O Lord, / We will pass over the great crisis of the world with ease.”

For us humans, the plan of God is something unfathomable. However, by His lead and by His guidance, no matter what hardships we go through, we will always be able to overcome them—I firmly believe in this.

The year before last, I went to Korea, and last year, to the United States, Brazil, Portugal and Germany. This year too, I was scheduled to visit some of you, but this was not realized.

I was very disappointed about this, but then I realized that Meishu-sama was giving me the following message: “Are you not always one with the members all over the world? If you do not visit them, do you think that you cannot be one with them?”

Precisely because I was not able to go to you, precisely because I was not able to meet you, I thought of all of you, and more strongly and resolutely than usual, I was able to connect with all of you in my heart. This is what I was made to realize from Meishu-sama.

Even if I am in Japan or wherever I may be, I am always, in any situation, united to all of you. I am always serving in the divine work of Meishu-sama as one heart with all of you.

Today, we celebrate the day when Meishu-sama was born here on earth. In two days, December 25, we will celebrate the day when Jesus Christ was born here on earth.

Right now, I believe that some of you are spending time together with fellow church members or with family members. Some of you may be spending time with friends or significant others. There may be some of you who are spending this time alone.

However, within us, there is Meishu-sama. There is Jesus Christ. And more than anything, within us, there is God, who loves us more than anyone else.

Enveloped in this Heavenly Father’s unwavering love, His eternally unfailing love, let us enjoy this festive season, and by His love, let us welcome the new year.

May the eternal love and comfort of God existing in the name of Messiah be with you all.


Happy Meishu-sama’s Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Feliz Natalício de Meishu-Sama, feliz Natal e feliz Ano Novo!


This post is also available in: 日本語 Português

This post is also available in: 日本語 Português