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Congratulations everyone on the World Church of Messiah Grand Autumn Service.

With the call of insects and the moon against the night sky, the time when we can feel the arrival of autumn has come.

Just now, together with all of you from throughout Japan and with all the ancestors, we were permitted to hold the World Church of Messiah Grand Autumn Service in which Kyoshu-sama, the only existence who determines what the teaching of Meishu-sama is in Sekai Kyusei Kyo and who is the Master of Rituals and Ceremonies of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, served as officiant. For this, I offer my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to God, Meishu-sama, who is one with God, and to Kyoshu-sama.


Within an extremely busy schedule of divine work, Kyoshu-sama was present in Osaka last month on the 20th. There, we were permitted to have the World Church of Messiah Profession Ceremony under Kyoshu-sama. Kyoshu-sama himself presented the Ohikari to each and every person who was to become a new member of World Church of Messiah.

I was present at the Profession Ceremony that was enveloped in a solemn and sublime atmosphere, and I was able to reaffirm the blessing and grace of myself being a member of World Church of Messiah that is united to Meishu-sama and his true will. I engraved this deep into my heart, and at the same time, I reported this to God in the name of Messiah.

Kyoshu-sama, I sincerely thank you.


Here, I have joyful news to report to all of you.

Yesterday, on September 30, Kyoshu-sama auspiciously reached his 72nd birthday in good health.

Everyone, let us congratulate him with a big round of applause! Kyoshu-sama, a sincere happy birthday to you!

Thank you very much.

With Kyoshu-sama reaching his birthday yesterday, I remembered something from the same day last year.

Last year, September 30, was the day when we were permitted to inaugurate a new organizational structure as a true, one church under Kyoshu-sama—a great step toward realizing our current World Church of Messiah.

Regarding the fact that the inauguration of the new organizational structure unintentionally overlapped with Kyoshu-sama’s birthday, I strongly felt that this must have happened because on the day of the inauguration, each one of us needs to engrave in our heart why we, who have been allowed to know the existence of God through Meishu-sama, must be united to Kyoshu-sama at this time.

Today, I would like to sincerely renew my pledge to go forward regarding Kyoshu-sama and his guidance as the sole, absolute and irreplaceable foundation in every respect.


Also, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, are in attendance today, so I would like to present them to you.

Mayumi-okusama, Masaaki-sama, if you may, please stand.

Thank you very much.

From Masaaki-sama, we, who have been granted Kyoshu-sama’s guidance, received his greeting entitled “Boundless love” at the September Monthly Service, opening our hearts even more. For this I sincerely thank him.

Masaaki-sama, my sincere gratitude to you.


Now then, in today’s Grand Service, the following passage from the Opening Prayer to God that Kyoshu-sama read aloud caught my attention:


O God, we have sinned against You! We took possession of our souls and sinned! But You, O God, accepted the atoning, holy blood of Jesus Christ who petitioned You to forgive our sins, the sins of all humanity.

O gracious God, how awesome is the power of Your forgiveness! This power became the foundation of the Transition from Night to Day, and through us, this power now permeates everything.


The words from this passage in the Opening Prayer, particularly, “You, O God, accepted the atoning, holy blood of Jesus Christ,” made me think deeply.

This year in July, in Masaaki-sama’s message entitled “The true path,” he asked us, “Who is Jesus Christ for us followers of Meishu-sama?” He gave guidance saying, “I tell you that Jesus is the Messiah. He redeemed our sins—the sins of all humanity—through his blood and changed the world forever.”

I would like to acknowledge that I was completely ignorant about the connection between the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and myself. And I would also like to receive head-on what Masaaki-sama guides us about when he says, “Jesus is the Messiah,” and the will of Kyoshu-sama when he says, “You, O God, accepted the atoning, holy blood of Jesus Christ.”

As we were allowed to know through Kyoshu-sama that God prepared the atonement of Jesus—a very grave work of God—for the salvation of humanity and all ancestors, I feel that I must deeply repent for living my life ignoring this divine work of God’s boundless love.

Had Kyoshu-sama not made me realize this grave truth, I would not have awakened to the true meaning of what Meishu-sama conveyed to us on the “Transition from Night to Day” and would have wandered, continuing to swing from joy to sorrow with visible phenomenon or results, prolonging my then-existing faith.

Even regarding Meishu-sama’s will embedded in the founding of World Church of Messiah and the will embedded in Meishu-sama’s gospel of this most important salvation for all humanity, to be born anew—I would not have truly received this nor been able to make the changeover from the regrettable human-centered faith. I cannot help but feel great joy and gratitude for the guidance of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama.

Kyoshu-sama guided us at the Grand Ancestor Service saying, “Together with everyone and everything, O God, allow me to receive the holy blood of atonement and return to heaven as one who is forgiven and saved!” Now, in this way, I would clearly like to respond to God with all my heart in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama.

And as it is written in Sacred Oath, “We believe that Jesus Christ, who, 2,000 years ago, embodied the name of Messiah, the name most holy and high, is serving the Lord God in unity with Meishu-sama”—I would like to truly make this spirit a part of myself.

I sincerely would like to thank Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, who have greatly awakened this ignorant heart of mine to this salvation of one truth.


On another note, the other day, Masaaki-sama delivered his second video message entitled “A new era” in English and Portuguese for overseas members. It was sent all around the world. The video with Japanese subtitles has already been posted on YouTube, and the full text is also available. So everyone in Japan, by all means, have a look. I would like for us to receive this as very important nourishment for our learning.

Continuing on from Masaaki-sama’s “The true path” and this time, receiving his message “A new era,” I feel as though a path that leads straight to a bright future is opening wide, right before our eyes. Enveloped in an uplifting feeling as though receiving an awakening brimming with hope, I am filled with the wish to go forward wholeheartedly on this path.

Following the first message, we received your extremely priceless guidance this time, too. For this, Masaaki-sama, I sincerely thank you.


In this way, now, the divine work of true salvation in the name of Messiah has shown great expansion in the world through Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama. Recognizing this time of urgency to bring up new people to serve as staff ministers for this divine work, we, the Board of Executive Directors of World Church of Messiah, have launched “Seminário Messias” (or “SEMES”) in cooperation with overseas churches—a training program for those who will take up missionary work overseas.

Receiving the younger generation of staff ministers and members from overseas churches here in Japan and at the same time, sending the younger generation of staff and members from Japan to overseas countries, we aspire to develop young people who wish to go forward one heart with Kyoshu-sama, carrying a passion for conveying Meishu-sama’s true salvation for all humanity. The other day, soon after sending out a notice for SEMES to overseas churches, many young members mainly in Africa have already expressed their will to participate in the training program.

And to all the members throughout Japan, by your Donations of Light and other assistance, may we ask for your support in the training aimed at our future, and by all means, for your help in welcoming the overseas trainees, too.

At the same time, within the country, too, there have been a large number of applications for staff positions from members of the younger generation who want to be of use in the divine work of World Church of Messiah. I feel it is very promising. In our Church, an examination for employment of church staff positions is conducted as the occasion demands. For those who are interested, please inquire at your closest church or nearest contact.


Under Kyoshu-sama, who is opening up the new era for us, and under Masaaki-sama, together with all the members, men and women, young and old, I pledge to push on with great awakening and hope on this path of a great revolution of faith. With this, I end today’s greeting.

Thank you very much.

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