The Presentation of Sacred Objects officiated by Kyoshu-sama, Master of Rituals and Ceremonies, was held on December 10 at the World Church of Messiah headquarters altar room. With the presence of Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, Kyoshu-sama presented divine scrolls and divine images of Meishu-sama for church and home dedication, Ohikari and so forth requested from all over the country to President Narii.


This presentation of divine scrolls and Ohikari is a holy ritual that has been officiated by Kyoshu-sama as determined in Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s Church Rule No. 2, Item 7 that states “Kyoshu grants the divine scrolls and Ohikari.” Currently, of the many groups that share a faith in Meishu-sama, the only one that can receive divine scrolls and Ohikari granted by Kyoshu-sama is us, we of World Church of Messiah.

Precisely because Kyoshu-sama, who inherits Meishu-sama’s sacred work, presents the sacred objects, these kinds of religious matters are carried out in a reverent and pure manner, allowing us to practice our daily faith activities and enshrine and pray for our ancestors in a proper manner.

For us with faith in Meishu-sama, we cannot but think how truly grateful we are to be united with Kyoshu-sama who inherits the sacred work of Meishu-sama.

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