Even if the whole universe is to be collapsed, it will be done.

Even if the whole universe is to be collapsed, it will be done. No matter how much you try to disturb or obstruct it, the world of great divine light will be established, and the whole world will be unified. The grandeur of the world to come is something humanity has yet to see. I am not talking about something that will take place hundreds or thousands of years from now. . . . The world is already steadily heading in that direction. When this work is completed, every aspect of life will turn out to be truly amazing. This world I am talking about will be established regardless of whether everybody works hard or not. But if you do not work hard, you will be left behind. Bear in mind: there are plenty of your replacements.


Sermon from the Grand Autumn Service at Gyokusen-kyo
November 11, 1935


Ah, the world of great divine light that all humanity has been waiting for! It will come as expected; it will appear as expected! All religions will be unified; humans will return to their true nature; truth will be done; the good will flourish; and the evil will perish! The three greater calamities of wind, water and fire, the three moderate calamities of hunger, disease and war, and the three lesser calamities of disease, poverty and conflict—the world absolutely free from all these calamities will come! The world will be united as one big family, and with that, eternal peace will be established for the first time. We will experience jubilation and happiness like never before! This, O Lord God, is how the world of great divine light—Your final purpose—is to be completed!


“The torchlight awaited by all humanity, the manifestation of Great Sacred Kannon’s power, along with the unlocking of Buddha’s teaching,”
The Light from the East, no. 3, February 23, 1935



Meishu-sama said with conviction that heaven on earth “will be established” and that it “will be established without fail.” He said this in 1935, the first year of founding his religion. Can you see how confident he was? He was able to say that kind of thing because he knew what the plan of God was—it existed within him.

“Heaven exists at the center of my heart”—this was one of Meishu-sama’s calligraphies. He was saying that heaven was inside his heart. Don’t you find this strange? On the one hand, Meishu-sama said that he was going to construct heaven, but on the other hand, he was saying that it already existed within him. How should we make sense of this seeming contradiction?

What Meishu-sama wanted to convey to us is that even though we say “construction of heaven on earth,” it means that God has made it possible for us to achieve this thing called “heaven on earth” within each one of us.

For heaven and earth to become one and to live with God—hasn’t Meishu-sama achieved this within him? This is what “to be born anew” means.

When you realize this truth, it makes you so surprised. That is why I feel forced to describe the divine work of Meishu-sama as “entirely new.” Maybe Meishu-sama is now saying to me, “It took this long for you to realize this?” But at the same time, I think he is telling me, “I am so happy for you to have come to know this truth.”

To tell you the truth, we have already been guided into that world called heaven on earth. We are already in it.


Membership Meeting: Members of Nakatsugawa and Tono-nishi who share the same spirit as Kyoshu-sama
September 23, 2018


To unite all humanity with the name of Messiah and, with as many people as possible, create heaven on earth, this wonderful world where true happiness exists—this is all I think of.

But you know what? This “wonderful world” is already established in heaven. This ideal world that is united to the name of Messiah is already established in heaven. If we can truly believe in this, “the world absolutely free from disease, poverty and conflict” that Meishu-sama talked about can manifest in this material world in an instant. This is not something impossible.

Meishu-sama affirmed that he would remove all diseases from the face of the earth while he lived here on earth. He said that that kind of wonderful world can be established in no time. Meishu-sama was able to say so because he was convinced that that world already existed within him, that this wonderful world—the world absolutely free from disease, poverty and conflict—already existed within him. He was convinced of it.

If we can grow into ones who can truly answer to the will of God who is in heaven, this heaven—this wonderful world—will be projected onto the earth following the law of the spiritual preceding the material, and this material world will turn into “the world absolutely free from disease, poverty and conflict” in an instant. In this way, heaven on earth is to be materialized. I believe Meishu-sama held this conviction. That is why he was able to say that it will be established in no time and that it will be established without fail.

I would like you to know that the establishment of heaven on earth, the world absolutely free from disease, conflict and poverty, is not an imaginary story. It is not an empty dream. It will be done.


Meeting with Executive Directors, Regional Directors and Other Ministers
October 7, 2018



Heaven on earth. Heaven and earth. To return to heaven while you are here on earth and become one with heaven—this is what heaven on earth is. Joy exists in heaven, doesn’t it? So if you, together with all that exists on the earth, can return to heaven where true happiness, jubilation and peace exist, each one of you can be a “prototype of heaven on earth.” This is something truly extraordinary, don’t you think? The joy of heaven—the joy of God—will then be projected onto the earth. It definitely will. For the world is governed by the law of the spiritual preceding the material, not the other way around. No matter how hard you try to make those who are in front of you happy, you will never be able to achieve that through worldly means.

That is why we first need to return to heaven and make the Spirit happy. God and Meishu-sama are with this Spirit, so if the Spirit becomes happy, this material world—this earth—will follow the Spirit, and the world of peace, happiness and joy will definitely appear right before our eyes. This will happen.


To youth members
Frankfurt Church, September 1, 2018



To tell you the truth, the happiness that is promised to come in the future is already here—it is already within each one of you. How so? Heaven is already established within you, and happiness exists in that heaven. “But why don’t I feel that happiness even though it is within me?”—this is the only issue we need to address.

There is a difference, isn’t there? On the one hand, we are told that we already have happiness within us. On the other hand, our life is a struggle.

But if we are already residents of heaven, what we need to do is to offer all the struggles in our life to God and be one with heaven. If you do that, God will say to you, “I received it. Now, I will remake these into something truly wonderful.” Then God will be able to reconstruct this earth into a world that is truly wonderful—into a heaven on earth.


Talk at the Melbourne Church
December 4, 2018

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