20210101_New Year Message_Kyoshu-sama


Kyoshu-sama’s New Year Message
January 1, 2021


Happy New Year, everyone.

As we start yet another glorious year, let us offer our New Year greeting to Meishu-sama who always guides us, trains us and gives us courage and hope. Let us say to him together: “Happy New Year, Meishu-sama.”

Happy New Year, Meishu-sama!


In deep awe and fear of God, let me say that Lord God our Creator united us all humanity to the name of Messiah, the only name that can bring salvation, and He predetermined that we would become His children, sent all creation to the earth from the source of creation, heaven, and finally sent us human beings to the earth.

Following this predetermined will of God, Meishu-sama became a child of God, an existence that is one with all creation and all ancestors.

Through Meishu-sama, we have come to know this gospel that by believing in God who is one with the name of Messiah and by believing in the blood of atonement that Jesus Christ offered, we—all humanity—can walk on the path of becoming a child of God without any prerequisite and without having achieved any merit.

Isn’t this gospel the true salvation, happiness and meaning of life for us? For everyone?

That we were able to have come to know this gospel and that we have been made into ones who can serve in it are only because Meishu-sama is working in unity with Jesus Christ. I firmly believe in this.

Today, we are holding this New Year Service as we receive everlasting care and nurture from God so that we can follow in the footsteps of Meishu-sama who was born anew as the child of God, the Messiah. For this, I now would like to offer my utmost gratitude to God and Meishu-sama.


Just now during the service, together we chanted the new names for God in front of the divine scroll and the ancestral shrine: Sushin naru warera no Kami or “Our God, Lord God” and Sushin naru senzo no Kami or “the God of Our Ancestors, Lord God.” We also offered the Lord’s Prayer together. I was very grateful that we did these, and at the same time, it could not have happened unless Lord God who is with Meishu-sama had given us the permission.

God is working so hard for us to get closer to the truth one way or another. For He wants to be one with all humanity and all its paternal and maternal ancestors.

The resurrection of World Church of Messiah, the chanting of the new names for God, the offering of the Lord’s Prayer and so on—I believe God is permitting us to do all these things swiftly and quickly precisely because He wants to be one with us.

In his hymn, Meishu-sama wrote:

“How fast is Your work, O God— / The work that goes unnoticed by the human eye.”

We feel that the divine work of Meishu-sama is now moving at a surprisingly fast pace in the visible, material world. But imagine what may be happening in the invisible world of mind and thought. The divine work must be advancing much faster and more strongly.

The work of creation by Lord God—this is what divine work is.

This is also a work of great harmony that is carried out through the name of Messiah.

Meishu-sama wrote, “The whole universe and everything in it are already in perfect harmony, and there is absolutely nothing that is in disharmony. What seems to be inharmonious to human eyes is only like that in appearance.”

And in his hymn, he also wrote,

“Open up your eyes! / Look and realize what divine work is! / Can you not see a hammer of creation being swung / Just behind the destruction?”

Lord God is the Lord of creation; His work is nothing but creation.

Even though this world seems destructive and filled with chaos to our human eyes and even though our hearts and thoughts may be covered in agony, pain, anger and grief, Lord God is accomplishing His work of great harmony within each and every one of us.

Through using us, God is accomplishing His work of forgiving everyone, saving everyone and reviving everyone to become a living being once more.

Each and every one of us, without exception, is now allowed to participate in God’s divine work of creation.

How awe-inspiring and what a great privilege this is!

Meishu-sama, in his hymn, wrote:

“In this world, / There is only one light of the sun. / How can we not be bathed in this light!”

As the earth has only one sun, the light of God, the great divine light of God, is one and encompasses everyone and everything without fail.

We are here to serve in the divine work of creation, so let us return to heaven—God’s kingdom of heaven and the source of light—and share this grace with as many people as possible. And as ones who possess the church bearing the name of Messiah within us, let us serve in this year’s divine work that will start anew from today.


May true comfort and grace be shared with everyone and everything through you, members of World Church of Messiah—the Church that Meishu-sama permitted you to resurrect with high expectations for all of you. Thank you, God, for advancing Your will in this way. I offer my most profound gratitude to You, God, in the name of Messiah.

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