I accept.

Jesus is the Lord of Redemption. He carries all the sins of humanity and is the one who asked God’s forgiveness on behalf of all humanity.


“Lord of Redemption,”
August 5, 1935

Since we were made to know that the sins of all humanity have been atoned for and forgiven through the blood Jesus offered, through his act of petition, it is crucial that we accept this atonement as something directly related to each one of us and say to God, “O God, it was You who prepared the sacred blood, atoned for and forgave my sin!” This, I believe, is how we can respond to the grace of God and is something that God wants to hear from us.


Grand Autumn Service
October 1, 2020



Meishu-sama accepted Jesus as the Lord of Redemption. But have we done that? No, we haven’t—we haven’t done so all this time. That is why I feel there is a need for us to accept it. There is a need for us to go in front of the altar at home or church and say to God, “Yes. Indeed, Jesus has always been my Lord of Redemption.”


Question and Answer with Masaaki-sama
Tokushima, Shikoku, December 2, 2019

Published in Glory, no. 11, December 1, 2020

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