Love and peace come from heaven.

The path of the material preceding the spiritual cannot produce anything that lasts for eternity, but that of the spiritual preceding the material prospers eternally. This is because while the material preceding the spiritual gives rise to sin, wickedness and strife, the spiritual preceding the material gives rise to love and peace.


“Japanese way of the medical arts,”
Medicine for Tomorrow, May 15, 1936


The law of the spiritual preceding the material. That is, the spirit comes first, and the material follows it. If you apply this law to your life, you have to live like the following: Your soul, that is, the seed existing at your center, or should I say, your true identity, your source consciousness or your life—you have to recognize that this comes first. At the same time, you have to recognize that your heart, that is, the receptacle and vessel for what comes first, follows what comes first.

Do not let your heart be dictated by something human, that is, your own consciousness or ego, but let it be obedient to the voice of your soul, the divine soul God imparted to you.

If your heart can grow into one that can respond to the will of Lord God embedded in your soul, that is, if the spirit and material can be joined as one, the gate of heaven existing within you will swing open—then, from heaven, the light of divine wisdom and the absolute and unlimited power will flow into your vessel, your receptacle, causing your body and mind to revive and reinvigorate this material world we now live in.


Grand Spring Service
March 16, 2008


We want to be happy and joyful, don’t we? And true joy is something that lasts forever, isn’t it? The happiness and joy you find in this world are temporal—they do not last. You may feel happy when an illness is cured but another illness may befall you and take away your life.

That is why I am telling you that there is a world called heaven. It is a world where you can find true and eternal joy. Heaven exists! A world filled with perfect comfort, joy, love and peace exists!


To youth members
Frankfurt Church, September 1, 2018

Published in Glory, no. 12, January 1, 2021

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