On February 10, on the anniversary day of death of Meishu-sama, the service took place in the headquarters altar room by the name “The Yearly Memorial Service of the First Spiritual Leader,” which was changed this year from “Meishu-sama’s Ascension Day Service.” President Narii, the executive directors and staff members at headquarters attended the service.

At 11 a.m., the service began. After President Narii offered the pine branch (symbol of appreciation) in front of the altar, everyone chanted the divine name, read aloud Words of Prayer and World Church of Messiah Lord’s Prayer.

Moving to the ancestral shrine, President Narii offered the pine branch (symbol of appreciation), and then everyone chanted the divine name. Next, everyone sang Meishu-sama’s hymns to God. Lastly, the audio version of the Sacred Word “The life of faith I have walked” was heard as well as a recording of Meishu-sama’s real voice on the “Birth of the Messiah.” And in a solemn atmosphere, the service was brought to close.

Meishu-sama, who was born anew as the Messiah, lives vividly within us still now, and as he works in concert with Jesus Christ, serves God, our true Father.

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