Hymns of Meishu-sama


The end of the world of humans

Is the beginning of the world of God.

O how auspicious this is!


The world came to a standstill

With no way forward or back.


What would become of the future of humanity

If Meshia Kyo (World Church of Messiah) does not appear!


People of the world are lost on paths of darkness.

Let us guide them to the path of light!

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“My ambition”
When you look at the world today, what do you see? You can see just how much the three calamities of illness, poverty and conflict are making humanity suffer and agonize, can’t you? Take Japan as an example. People say, “There is tuberculosis, there is this contagious disease, there is this and that, hospitals are full and there are not enough beds for patients” and so on. I suspect that today there is not even one person who does not have some sort of illness in spite of their seemingly healthy appearance. Not only that, people also suffer from taxation, lack of money, high prices and so forth, and no matter how much they earn, it is not sufficient. This leads me to ask the following: Why were we born in the first place? Isn’t suffering life itself? Next is the issue of conflict. Aside from domestic matters, an unprecedented scale of war is about to take place around the whole world, and all of humanity is trembling with fear. If God sees this miserable state of humankind, the degree of misery will be to such an extent that He will have to stretch out His helping hand. If He does not stretch out His helping hand, I will have nothing to say against those who say that there is no God. But listen everyone. There is God. Most definitely, there is God. Why do I say so? Because in order to save the whole of humanity, my World Church of Messiah came into existence.
Glory, no. 94, March 7, 1951
(Excerpt from the article)

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