Hymns of Meishu-sama


Christ has been waiting.

He has been waiting for the time

When the vertical and the horizontal are united

And become a cross.


When the whole earth is united as a cross,

All of humanity, without exception, will wake up!


The time has come

When we purify and return the civilization

That was born in the West and came to the East.

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“Religion should be universal”

To start with, no matter how perfectly it may fulfill all necessary criteria, religion is not a true religion unless it is universal at its foundation. If its nature is ethnical or national, just as the state of the world has been until today, it will produce conflict. Since such a religion is apt to boast of its superiority and belittle others, it not only cannot work together with other groups, but also, at times, politicians take advantage of this kind of religion to achieve their ill intents. A good example of this is during the Pacific War, the Japanese militarist government put forth a very radical Shinto ideology. Another would be the wars waged by the crusaders in Europe during the Middle Ages, which also illustrates my point well.

I can easily list many more examples such as these, because in the past, religion was ethnically based as I just wrote above. We cannot blame anyone for this because the transportation infrastructure was not as advanced as that of today, and international relations at the time were more restricted. Culture was, in short, still in its infancy, so it was, in a sense, inevitable that religion was confined to a certain location.

But now, today, everything has become global and international, so religion should also follow suit. This is why we have stopped using the word Japan for the name of our church and renamed it to World Church of Messiah.

, no. 49, February 11, 1950

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