The breath visible is the only breath

I lived my life until today believing this.


O God,

May You forgive my sin of treating

The eternal breath of life as a finite breath.


We may not be able to see it or feel it.

But right at the center of this breath

Exists the breath of God!


I am going to recall that

I was endowed with God’s breath of life

In God’s kingdom of heaven!


O God, the Creator,

You imbued the power of life and Your divine will

In breath!


O God the Father,

You breathe within everyone and everything,

Without exception!


We breathe in when God breathes out.

We breathe out when God breathes in.

That is how a human being breathes.



Focus your mind on a single point

That exists in your God-given consciousness.

Then, breathe in and breathe out.


You nurture us through Your breath, O God,

To have us be newly born as Your children!


God is doing everything He can

To have us inherit His eternal breath.

O how strongly God wishes for this!


O Meishu-sama,

You repented of taking possession

Of God’s breath as your own breath and

Returned it to God!


O Meishu-sama,

You were born anew and

Revived in the eternal breath of life!


The breath that revived Meishu-sama

Was the breath that resurrected Jesus!


O God,

Your breath is brimming with the power

To revive all things in the whole universe!


O God,

Your reviving breath is one

With the paternal and maternal ancestors

Who live within us!


While using our sonen and breath,

You stretch out Your saving hand.

O God, that is Your Johrei!


I breathe in deeply,


May Your power to revive everyone to be Your children

Be with all.


I breathe out all of my breath

In order to return to heaven

And attribute all the glory of God’s work to Him.


I am going to serve in Your work of salvation

Through my incoming breath and outgoing breath,

And through the name of Messiah!


It is only through the name of Messiah that

God can accomplish His work of salvation!

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