Be resolute.

To defend justice whatever it takes—this counts the most. Why? Because God protects justice. No matter what you do, if you forget justice, you will fail in the end. In my life, I fought many times and met with various persecutions, but I never yielded. I always stood for justice and never gave in, never budged. As a result, I have started to win. Defending justice puts you in a miserable state for a while—that is why we feel it is inconvenient to act justly. Usually, when trouble comes your way, you choose an easy way out instead of acting in terms of justice. This method is only effective for a short period of time. But if you choose the path of justice, of righteousness, you will come to know that God will grant you the final victory.

Sermon, November 25, 1953


I imagine many of you are surprised, anxious or worried about what is going to happen to the Church upon hearing about the current state of the Church. . . .

The problem facing all of you is my problem, too.

In order for us to overcome the current situation we are in, I am determined to take a firm and definite stance and to never give in, while always seeking the heart of Meishu-sama.

For us, there are no adversities that we cannot overcome.

Know this everyone: Meishu-sama has already prepared within us the strength to overcome any adversity.

Grand Spring Service and Prayer for Abundance Service
March 4, 2018


Although incomparable to what all of you have gone through, I also was attacked in various ways by Sekai Kyusei Kyo, including the revocation of my membership status.

But this is what I think: there are things in life you are allowed to compromise and those you are not.

And here’s the thing. What Kyoshu-sama is teaching—this, to me, is something that cannot be compromised, or rather, something that can never be compromised no matter what is done to me, and so I made the decision to walk together with Kyoshu-sama no matter what.

This, I believe, was the same for each one of you.

To the ministerial staff of the Shinsei Region
November 14, 2018

Published in Glory, no. 14, March 1, 2021

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