Hymns of Meishu-sama


When I look back on how I was,
It makes my heart tremble.
For I was wandering in the dark
Without a walking stick.


O God, I have disobeyed You and, thus, sinned!
Repentant, I now have become one who kneels before You.


Had I not come into contact with the path of heaven,
I would have broken down crying with grief
Over the terrible state of the current world.


When the Vertical and the Horizontal were united,
The holy and pure child was born at the center!


Wait, my followers.
Wait for just a little more.
For the happiness you have never imagined
Is approaching!

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama

Reading of “The life of faith I have walked” (Audio of video presentation aired at Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service 2020)

“Meishu-sama’s words on the birth of the Messiah, June 5, 1954” (Recording)

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