Hymns of Meishu-sama


To humbly serve in the divine work
That has never been done before in human history—
This, O God, is true happiness for a human being.


I am not even worthy to be numbered among Your servants.
But I plead for Your mercy, God:
Include me in Your work!
No matter how minor and insignificant a role You assign me,
I am happy just to be able to play a part in Your work!


I pledge to myself that
From today,
I will devote myself utterly, wholly and selflessly
To the divine work of saving the world.

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“Sermon from the Grand Autumn Service at Gyokusen-kyo

Even if the whole universe is to be collapsed, it will be done. No matter how much you try to disturb or obstruct it, the world of great divine light will be established, and the whole world will be unified. The grandeur of the world to come is something humanity has yet to see. I am not talking about something that will take place hundreds or thousands of years from now. . . . The world is already steadily heading in that direction. When this work is completed, every aspect of life will turn out to be truly amazing. This world I am talking about will be established regardless of whether everybody works hard or not. But if you do not work hard, you will be left behind. Bear in mind: there are plenty of your replacements.

November 11, 1935
(Excerpt from the sermon)

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