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We often talk about how God punishes us when we have done something wrong, but gods that punish belong to Satan. Think: to punish is to inflict pain on humans. Would the righteous God whose nature is nothing other than absolute love do something like that? . . . Regardless of how much we offer to Him or how much faith we have, the righteous God saves humans with His selfless love.

You have to know that the righteous God is just and fair and embodies absolute love. His love is the same as the love of parents for their children but on a much bigger scale. So the righteous God will never punish. Having said that, when you drift away from true faith and fall into the hands of a false god or lose yourself in a false faith, or when you commit an immoral act, you will, of course, have to go through some misfortune. This, to our human eyes, appears as if we have been punished.

“God and the Devil,”
October 23, 1943


Let me talk about the Last Judgment. It says judgment, so, needless to say, a judgment is going to be pronounced, right? When a decision is reached in court, is it always guilty? Sometimes it is not guilty, isn’t it?

Now, the Last Judgment means that God is taking the trouble, if I may put it this way, to judge all of us. And you know what? A long time ago, God already decided that He was going to pronounce the judgment of not guilty on us and forgive us. This is because if He does not forgive us, He cannot welcome us back as His children.

Meishu-sama received the divine revelation of the Transition from Night to Day. The Transition from Night to Day means, I believe, that each and every single one of us was judged by God and received the sentence of not guilty, that is, we were forgiven.

So, actually, the Last Judgment means to repent and receive God’s forgiveness obediently. But we humans are so stubborn and hate to be obedient, so that is why Meishu-sama used the term “the Last Judgment” in order to warn us, urging us to receive God’s forgiveness obediently.

God is saying He is going to pass His judgment on us. In other words, He is not ignoring us. He is treating us with respect. God is not saying, You don’t need to come to the court. Rather, He is saying, Come to the court. He is taking the trouble to send for us. All there is to do is to say yes to God and go to His court. If we go, He will be ready to pronounce His judgment on us, that is, He will be ready to say to us, I forgive you. Until today, we have simply been indecisive and hesitant, not able to make up our mind about whether to go to the court or not.

From our human perspective, when we hear the word judge, we usually think that everyone must be judged and be separated into good people and bad people. God does not think like that. God is just like human parents who want to forgive everything their children do. He wants to forgive us no matter who and what we are. He is always saying to us, I want you to receive My forgiveness. Yet He is not forcing this on us. He respects our freewill and is allowing us to choose whether or not we want to receive His forgiveness.

In one of his hymns, Meishu-sama wrote:

“O God, / The power of Your great love will manifest itself / On the day of the Last Judgment!”

On the day that God judges, the power of His love will appear—this is what Meishu-sama says. Through this hymn, I can feel how strongly God wishes for us to accept His forgiveness.

May 14, 2017
Membership Meeting: Kyoshu-sama’s Visit to the Members of the Kyoto/
Shiga Missionary Area


Some people have to endure really heavy purifications, right? This is very difficult and hard for God, too. But still, He needs to use each one of us in that way because He wants us to realize something.

We use terms like “the socially vulnerable” or “the weak.” But let us not judge how the power of God is manifested strongly or weakly in a particular person from our human perspective. Let us not judge who is blessed by God and who isn’t. Because doesn’t God love everyone? Don’t His glory and blessing already and always manifest through each and every one of us in the most powerful and perfect way? We have to first admit this, otherwise the result will be us disregarding God, who is perfect.

Doesn’t God make you encounter people who have gone through so much suffering and hardship that you yourself have never experienced? He does, right? Why does He do that? He does this because He wants us to know how much we have been disregarding God. He does this for us. He does this for you.

Think of our posture until today. Haven’t we always judged the love of God ourselves and said things like “That person is loved by God” or “That person is not loved by God”? Haven’t we always judged God’s glory ourselves and said things like “God’s glory is manifested strongly in that person” or “He is not blessed with God’s glory”? Really, how arrogant we have been!

So no matter who we meet, we have to think like this: It has always been me who needed to be forgiven by You, God! I was completely mistaken in thinking that it was as if You were asleep. This other person and I are already filled perfectly with Your love! All humanity is already saved! From now on, allow me to serve You who are truly omnipotent and omniscient! This is the posture we must take.

June 24, 2016
To young staff members

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