On April 4, right on Easter Day (the day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ), the World Church of Messiah Grand Spring Service took place under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, Master of Rituals and Ceremonies, at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba hotel.

The service began at 1 p.m. with Kyoshu-sama entering the altar area. After reading aloud the Opening Prayer, he chanted the divine names and offered the Words of Prayer and the World Church of Messiah Lord’s Prayer.

Next, the assistant officiant sang the hymn offerings. Then everyone heard the Sacred Word “Progressive religion” and received Johrei from Kyoshu-sama.

After President Narii’s greeting, the video “Meishu-sama and Jesus” was presented, showing that there is no doubt about their deep connection.

Then, Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, stood to give his greeting. With passion and vigor, he gave guidance on how we should receive, together with our ancestors, the reviving breath of the Lord of Light, the Messiah, and how our mission is to seek for the Lord of Light to manifest and not ourselves.

After Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama stood to deliver his message. Regarding the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he clearly unraveled for us God’s true purpose for it, which has not been explained in Christianity, and God’s will embedded in His eternal breath of life that revived Jesus and Meishu-sama. He gave this guidance with bold words and facial expressions evoking Meishu-sama.

At the end, following the song “God, Please Make Use of Me” sung by a chorus of youth, the solo performance of the song of praise “You Raise Me Up,” with lyrics translated into Japanese by Masaaki-sama, was presented for the first time. It was a service where all those who heard were enveloped in deep emotion.

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