When I encountered you, O Meishu-sama,

My heart was saved.

Through you, O Meishu-sama,

I found the hope to live!


I awakened to the bond I had

With the Father, the Lord God.

This joy, everyone,

Cannot be replaced with anything else.


Through grace,

I have come to know the truth.

I can never erase this from within me!


How grateful it is

That there are so many of you, the members,

Who have awakened to the truth

Together with me!


You, the members!

Your eyes are filled with earnest,

For your hearts are full of joy,

And you wish to impart the divine grace to many!


I thank you, the members,

For striving to share the true essence of

Meishu-sama’s salvation with the world!


To be in agony and anguish

Over something in your daily lives

Is the very proof

That you are being used in God’s work of salvation!


You, the members, are so precious!

For you humbly believe in His salvation

And serve God with all your hearts!


How happy it is

That more and more friends of faith

Are joining us

Who have awakened to the truth!


To our new friends of faith,

I pray,

May the comfort that is one with Messiah be with all of you.


You may be new to this faith

Or you may have been a member for a long time.

But none of us, without exception,

Has anything to be proud of before God.


O God,

I will open up the door of my heart

That I stubbornly kept closed

And will receive Your nurture!

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