What is a paradise on earth?

It is not the world I wish for.

It should be the world that God wishes for.


I pushed heaven far, far away from me.

In this way,

I, by my own hands, created a barrier between

Heaven and earth.


I used all that exist on earth

As my own possessions

And as I pleased!


I made light of how God is also the King of the earth.

But even I who carry this sin have been forgiven!


O God,

I now admit that You govern both heaven and earth

As Your kingdom!


You, O God, have removed the barrier

Between heaven and earth

And reunified them as one world!


We were sent down to earth

While carrying, with us, heaven.

Now that we came to know this divine will,

Let us return to God!


Carrying all that exists on earth with us,

Let us return to heaven

And become one with it!


O Meishu-sama,

You taught us that

Only those who have attained eternal life

Have the right to live in a paradise on earth!


To be born anew as a child of God

And live eternally—

This, everyone, is the true “paradise on earth.”


You, O Meishu-sama, taught us over and over

That a paradise on earth will definitely

Be accomplished!

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