Meishu-sama, you definitely have a spiritual connection with Jesus!

For myself to be compared to Jesus Christ is a recent event of delight. I am not intending to deny this fact by putting myself down nor am I trying to affirm this by praising myself. I will simply leave it to the times to decide. Anyhow, Christ says, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” I say, “I will construct heaven.” When looking at it this way, we cannot deny that there is some sort of spiritual connection through these 2,000 years. In that sense, if you read this work, it is inevitable that you will come in contact with the hidden will of God.

Preface to Christ and Jikan-shi
January 25, 1950


By resurrecting Jesus, God established the path of making not only Jesus but also all humanity His own children—the work that He first accomplished in heaven.

What a great, deep love and grace this is!

In order to bring this grace to as many people on earth as possible, God sent Meishu-sama to the world.

. . . by being born anew as the Messiah, Meishu-sama, with his own body and being, bore witness to why God resurrected Jesus and, at the same time, entrusted us with the divine work of saving all humanity by working in concert with Christianity.

World Church of Messiah Grand Spring Service
April 4, 2021


When the time comes for us to really spread the salvation of Meishu-sama to the world, to the Christians, if we believe that Meishu-sama is the only Messiah, I tell you that we will get nowhere, for Jesus is the only Messiah to Christians.

But this is not what we believe, right?

What we believe is this:

Even though Jesus opened up the path for all humanity to be born anew as Messiahs, no one succeeded his work for nearly two thousand years. The story of Jesus is the story of the Middle East, isn’t it? But after almost two thousand years since Jesus appeared, transcending all time and space, Meishu-sama in Japan received the truth of Jesus, that is, the truth of God, and was born anew as the Messiah. It is this Meishu-sama who is the model to be followed by all humanity. Of course, we do not deny that Jesus is the Messiah. We, followers of Meishu-sama, aim to be born anew as Messiahs, but this path of being born anew is also open to all humanity. So we want to move forward on this path while working in concert with Christianity. This, however, does not simply mean that we have to get along and be good friends with Christians or study the Bible a little more. Rather, what we must do is impart the truth we have been entrusted with by Meishu-sama to all Christians, to all humanity.

This is what we believe, isn’t it?

“Order,” Prayer for Abundance Service
March 1, 2021


Published in Glory, no. 17, June 1, 2021

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