On Friday, July 16, 2021, World Church of Messiah (Headquarters: Atami, Shizuoka Pref.; President: Keiichiro Narii) contributed 30 million yen (approx. US$273,000) to the city of Atami to aid in relief efforts and aid those affected by the recent mudslide that occurred on July 3 in the Izusan District of Atami.

The presentation took place at Atami City Hall with President Narii offering a certification of funds to Mr. Sakae Saito, Mayor of Atami.

Atami is a place that our founder, Mokichi Okada, dearly loved and where he spent his final years. Also being the city where our headquarters is located, while small, we of World Church of Messiah have continued to contribute thus far to the city’s growth and development.

We wish for Atami’s speedy recovery from the severe mudslide it suffered and pray that the souls who fell victim may rest in peace. We also express our deepest sympathy and concern for everyone affected by the disaster.


From the Mayor of Atami, Mr. Sakae Saito:

Thank you very much. It has been 14 days since the eruption of the disaster, and there are still 16 people missing. Our top priority going forward is rescuing survivors and supporting those who escaped the disaster. While we have many challenges to face, we will go forward with restoration with the help of national and prefectural efforts. We will use the relief funds we received with great care.

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