Hymns of Meishu-sama


Know this everyone:
The power to save humanity
Comes from the power that is beyond religion.


Great power—a truly great power—has been born.
And now, it is drawing near to the entire universe!


It is power.
It is power, O God!
It is Your power that
Will revive this world that is about to collapse!

Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“Miroku Grand Service”


It is truly propitious that the first Miroku Grand Service as World Church of Messiah is being held on March 5, 6 and 7 as has always been.

When I consider this and the significance of today’s service, I am filled with deep emotion. The day I decided to devote my life to God’s work was February 3, 1928, on the day of Setsubun (the day before Risshun, the beginning of spring in the old Japanese calendar), which means that this year marks the 23rd year since then. Foundation work has now been completed after 23 years, and now I will arrange the ranks so that I can, at long last, seriously launch and advance my work full-scale with the banner of salvation for all humanity hoisted high. Until today, it was as if I was dressing backstage, and now that I’m dressed, I’m ready to step on stage.

To begin with, Messiah has a deep connection with Christianity. In the West, many theories have been put forth on how to interpret this word Messiah, but the discussion has not yet been settled. Actually, it is nearly impossible to uncover the profound mysteries of God through human intellect.

I am not going to announce that I am the Messiah or the Second Coming of Christ just yet. For God forbids me to do so until a certain time. It would be considerable news if people start to think that the birth of Messiah has taken place within me. Crowds of people would come to me from around the world, and I would not be able to do any work.

What I will say now is this: I am advancing a great project of God in order to save the world. Just look at what I am doing now, and you will know that this is true. This is also why I decided to give a new name to our Church, “World Church of Messiah.”

Let me also say that seeing how everything is globalized now, we should realize that the established religions do not carry the mission to save the whole of humanity, as their salvation in most cases is limited to a particular geographical region. I must admit that Christianity is the only exception. Its mission, indeed, is the salvation of all humanity, and that is why it has become what it is today. Having said that, it is quite doubtful whether it has the power to free all humanity from the great suffering it is currently experiencing. The reality also supports this argument of mine. To be frank, the world will not be saved through the power of religion as all the intellectuals rightly point out. What is needed, I say, is a power beyond religion, that is, the power of an ultra-religion.

When you say “religion,” it usually means “the teachings of a founder.” The Bible, the Buddhist scriptures, the Quran—their purpose is to awaken the souls of humankind through their letters, through their teachings, so, ultimately, salvation is made through human effort, through human power. But now, the time has come when it is not enough to advance salvation through human power. Don’t get me wrong: we still need some teachings. But more than that, we need the great power of God to be exercised. This does not mean that a great individual will appear and manifest a God-like power. Rather, it has to be the manifestation of the absolute power of Lord God, that is, Jehovah, who rules over all humanity. Since the beginning of time, humanity has yet to witness this power of God. For God only needed to exercise some of His power during the preparation period, before the coming of the time when He finally constructs heaven on earth. In other words, just like our Church, the world was also preparing itself backstage. But now, the time is finally ripe for the world to undergo a major transition and for God to fulfill the establishment of heaven on earth, something He has been wishing for for a long time.

To be deeply aware of this is fundamental if you want to be someone who is worthy to take part in the great work of God.

, no. 53, March 11, 1950

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