O Lord God,

You live eternally—

Before, now and forevermore!


With boldness,

I believe that

The living God exists within me

And within everyone.


O God,

Forgive me—

I who have lived my life

Thinking that the past is the past

And the future is the future.


How awesome You are, O God.

You accomplish the work of creation

Through using our minds, our thoughts—

Through using our “now.”


God unites everything that happened in the past

To the “now” of each one of us,

Granting His forgiveness and salvation

To things of the past.


O God,

It was two thousand years ago

When Jesus on the cross

Surrendered his blood and soul to You!


O Meishu-sama,

Transcending the divide of two thousand years,

You accepted the atonement and forgiveness.


Following Meishu-sama,

I, too, accept the sacred blood of atonement now,

Together with everyone and everything.


As ones whose sin is forgiven,

Let us return to the kingdom of heaven now!


Only through the name of Messiah

And through the blood of atonement

Can humans be born anew.

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