Meishu-sama now lives in a paradise on earth

Here, there is one thing to be saddened over. That is the sins that have been accumulated by humanity over the long period of the last thousands of years. Needless to say, a great purification is going to take place for these sins. I am now going to explain this in detail. Those who are reading my words now are being presented with, before their very own eyes, the last chance of salvation. I tell you: grab it without hesitation. My task is to announce to humanity, in advance, this last chance of salvation and on God’s behalf, urge people to repent. If this is not the great love of God, what is? Now that you know this, change your mindset and ready your heart as quickly as possible. In the Final Judgment, the grave sinners will perish, and the not-so-grave sinners will be saved. Those who believe in this will attain eternal life and survive as the residents of a paradise on earth that is to come.

Preface to Creation of Civilization
August 20, 1952



Were we not the brothers and sisters of Meishu-sama when we were in heaven? Of course, we were!

Out of our arrogance, we forgot our true Father who bore us in heaven and forgot the purpose of life. We have been living our lives in a way we see fit. Yet God forgave us. And it was Meishu-sama who came to this earth, awoke to God’s forgiveness, repented on behalf of all humanity, returned to heaven and was born anew as the child of the Lord God, as the Messiah. Are we a “follower” of Meishu-sama? If so, we must follow in his footsteps and repent, receive God’s forgiveness, return to heaven and be born anew. Why is this possible? Because the Lord God determined this a long time ago when we were in heaven with Him. In the name of Messiah, we were predestined to be forgiven, return to heaven and live with God. How immense is His forgiveness! How great is His blessing!

World Church of Messiah Grand Spring Service
March 30, 2019



Actually, we have run away from our home. We said to our Father, “I hate you, Father!” and ran away from our home. The term “to repent” has a very religious connotation, but to put it simply, it is the same as saying, “I am sorry, Father.” If you say to your Father, “I am sorry, Father. Through the name of Messiah, I want to go home now,” and then go back to your home, your Father will be there. He will really be there. Even when you say “heaven,” it is, essentially, a home, so, of course, a father will be there. God and Meishu-sama live in that home. They await you at the entrance, at the door. And they will say to you, “We are so happy that you’ve decided to come back,” and welcome you into the home.

I understand how these things related to God sound so vague, for they are invisible to our eyes. But I want you to know that God and Meishu-sama do exist. Meishu-sama didn’t just go away after his ascension. So even though you cannot see them, believe that they exist. Say to them with a humble heart, “I am sorry I ran away from you,” and jump through the door of heaven. Do you know what will happen? God and Meishu-sama will embrace you; they’ll hug you. For their love is truly great. When that happens, the joy you feel will be beyond words.

To youth members
Frankfurt Church, September 1, 2018


Published in Glory, no. 18, July 1, 2021

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