Hymns of Meishu-sama


Know this my followers:
The key to true faith is to pay due respect to others.


This material world is in disorder.
My wish is to correct that disorder and
Establish a world of order!


Those of you who walk on the straight and true path—
Whatever happens in this world,
You will not be frightened!

Nidai-sama’s Message
“Excerpt from the sermon on March 23, 1959”


Recently, I have heard that the course of my guidance and the course of Meishu-sama’s guidance are different. This is a grave mistake.

Let me say, there is a constitution of the Church, an unwritten charter. This is something intangible over the current structure of the organization, and this unwritten charter must come before any other rules.

What is it? It is that God and Meishu-sama have established Kyoshu in order to guide the Church. God has made it this way.

Therefore, the major directions of the Church come from God and Meishu-sama through my mouth. If you cannot understand this, you are not a member of this Church. And it means that you do not have true faith in God. Bear in mind: what Kyoshu says will never differ from the will of Meishu-sama.

The course we must take in the world now is conveyed to me by God and Meishu-sama’s will. This exists in a straight line. The very top is God. Next is Meishu-sama, and below that is me. Being that this is a straight line, it all flows to me. In this way, we properly receive the major directions from God.

If you cannot place confidence in this, it is the same as not placing confidence in God. If you do not recognize Kyoshu, you cannot be called a person of the Church.

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