We discipline every single evil person, one after another

When I write like this, many of you might think, “Oh, Meishu-sama. You are quite merciless even though you are a man of religion.” But actually, there is no problem if you see it from God’s point of view. The truth is this: the will of God is to save the good no matter what but have absolutely no mercy for evil. . . . My policy is to discipline every single evil person, one after another. For I believe this is how a true person of religion should be.

“I discipline evil people,” February 20, 1952


Member: I think you, Kyoshu-sama, felt it too, but we members were so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet you in person today. Being that’s the case, could I ask you, Kyoshu-sama, why you are not able to attend the services now? (Izunome Kyodan approved of MOA/Toho no Hikari’s secretly following and filming Kyoshu-sama. Since then, Kyoshu-sama has refrained from attending the services held by Izunome Kyodan.)

Kyoshu-sama: Truly, I also want to attend the services and see all of you there. I really do. And I feel so sorry that I am making you worry this way.

So you would like to know why I cannot attend the services now, right? As you know, Izunome Kyodan approves of the act of secretly following and filming my wife and me. Not only that, they also have been disseminating to all of you inaccurate information they obtained from that act with certain objectives. And they did not even consult or confirm with me beforehand as to the validity of the information they have. This is something that should not be tolerated, or rather, this is something that should never be tolerated.

That is why, at the moment, I am not able to attend the services; I do not feel safe. At the same time, if I attend the services held by Izunome Kyodan, it means that I approve of the act of secretly following and filming someone.

If I recognize that kind of act or recognize the organization that approves of that kind of act, it means that I approve of that kind of act being carried out against members or staff ministers. So for your sake too, I cannot attend their services. . . .

It is true that God already forgave all of our sins. But that does not mean that we should recognize those kinds of acts in this world. Some people may think that since everything is forgiven, they can do anything; they can commit any crime. I think you can see how wrong this kind of thinking is.

November 23, 2017
Meeting with Member Representatives


In reality, MOA/Toho no Hikari group has yet to even apologize to Kyoshu-sama and his wife for their act of secretly following and filming them. Needless to say, they have yet to repent of their actions.

They may very well still be doing something secretly against Kyoshu-sama and his wife, or even to me, right now. For they have yet to say anything to Kyoshu-sama about having stopped their actions toward him. We don’t know whether they are still doing it or if they will do it again. “Are they still secretly following us?”—MOA/Toho no Hikari group is still putting Kyoshu-sama and his wife, my mother, under this kind of psychological burden even today.

The fact that they have not yet apologized means that they think they can justify the act of secretly following and filming someone, right?

Well, are they going to get arrested for what they did? Maybe not. Maybe their actions fall just short of arrest. That is why they think their actions are justifiable, right? “We will not be arrested for this, so what we are doing is acceptable”—this is how they think, right? But let me tell you this: As followers of Meishu-sama, they’re out. What they did was unacceptable.

World Church of Messiah Paradise on Earth Service
June 12, 2021


Published in Glory, no. 19, August 1, 2021

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