Hymns of Meishu-sama


It is an auspicious time
When the Messiah who has overcome the world
Enters the city in the West!


The light from the East will
Continue to spread further and further
Until it reaches the far end of the West!


The people of Israel will cheer with joy
When the true Messiah
Whom they have long been yearning for appears!

Sandai-sama’s Message
“Excerpt from the sermon on December 22, 1984”


What is Kyoshu? Regarding this, Nidai-sama has thoroughly taught us on the matter of the “authority to teach.” I need not say anything further about it. Over the course of seven years, Nidai-sama established our understanding of God and Kyoshu, setting the foundation of the Church. Our understanding of God has properly been preserved and is as you see it today. On the other hand, our understanding of Kyoshu has sadly been distorted and remains distorted and incomplete until today.

Under the pretext of “protecting Kyoshu,” everything has become executives-centered, and Kyoshu has simply become a ceremonial position. In truth, they ignored beyond measure the human qualities of Kyoshu, where lies the wordless suffering and enduring patience of Kyoshu until today.

The great purification we see now is the ultimate result of that. In that suffering, I keenly felt the arrangement and protection of Great God who, behind the scenes, is trying to revive our hearts of faith to the vibrant ones we had at the time of the founding of the Church. I also felt the grave mission of Kyoshu—Meishu-sama, Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama and from here on the succeeding Yondai and Godai Kyoshu-samas who continue the blood line.

It is important that we truly grasp the meaning of this purification.

What is the meaning of Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s law of the spiritual preceding the physical? What can be found in the root of theism and atheism?

Without following the divine order that Meishu-sama taught, will the defeat of atheism that Meishu-sama spoke so much about really be accomplished? It is important that you thoroughly grasp the essence of this foundation of divine work. If you do not, the power of the great divine work that enables the light of God to spread around the world next year cannot be established. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is what the Church purification is for.

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