On September 1, the September Monthly Service took place in the headquarters altar room under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, Master of Rituals and Ceremonies.

Masaaki-sama said in his greeting that our faith until now was one of bringing down to the human world the “love for others” and “gratitude” that Meishu-sama taught, turning that into a set mold of commandments, then making ourselves and others suffer, only thinking about our own improvement—he called into question this posture of ours and how we could not free ourselves from it.

He boldly continued with his guidance, saying that the faith that Meishu-sama and Kyoshu-sama are teaching us now is a new faith that goes beyond a faith of commandments.

With the joy of liberation from being locked up within the cage of commandments, attending members left the headquarters, walking with light steps.

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