The Grand Autumn Service took place on October 2 at the Hotel New Otani Osaka. For the first time, a piano performance took place before the service—everyone heard the song “Lascia ch’io pianga” by Handel.

In his greeting, President Narii announced the formation of the new Church choir, “The Messiah Choir,” and called for new members.

Then, the video “Beyond Johrei” was presented, showing how Meishu-sama clearly pointed out the error of Purifying Therapy and making clear the path of true Johrei.

Next, Masaaki-sama stood to deliver his greeting. He spoke about MOA/Toho no Hikari’s posture of secretly following and filming Kyoshu-sama and the importance of not making it someone else’s matter, rather, accepting it as our own “original sin” and asking for forgiveness—thus teaching us about the power of God’s absolute love that guides us.

Afterwards, Kyoshu-sama stood to deliver his message. He gave guidance, saying that the sin of making consciousness our own was atoned for by the blood Jesus shed—now, our hearts belong to God. He continued, if we open up those hardened hearts that were closed like stones and offer them to God following Meishu-sama’s example, God would gladly harvest and accept any kind of heart as His fruits of creation.

At the end, making their debut as The Messiah Choir, singers took the stage and sang in sonorous voices the song of praise “You Raise Me Up” with lyrics translated by Masaaki-sama. Soon after, a solo performance by a member of “Nearer, My God, to Thee” with lyrics translated by Kyoshu-sama was sung for the first time. And in deep emotion, the service was brought to a close.

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