On November 1, the November Monthly Service took place in the headquarters altar room.

In Masaaki-sama’s greeting, he spoke about the “Original Sacred Word”—what Meishu-sama announced in June of 1954 at Hekiun-so, that he was born anew as the Messiah—and clearly guided us on what a true miracle is, what true salvation is, what true life is and what the true Sacred Grounds are.

Until now, did we understand Meishu-sama’s Original Sacred Word as Masaaki-sama explained it to us? We can only think that we interpreted Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word as was convenient to our Church and used it to serve ourselves. The essence of Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word taught to us in Masaaki-sama’s greeting is available in Japanese and will be available in English on a later date.

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