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Congratulations everyone on the World Church of Messiah Grand Spring Service.

First of all, I feel it is very significant that by a curious coincidence, today’s Grand Spring Service is on the same day as this year’s Easter, which is the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.


Just now, together with all of you from throughout the country and throughout the world, we were allowed to hold this year’s Grand Spring Service with Kyoshu-sama, the only existence who reveals to us the will of Meishu-sama in this material world, serving as officiant. For this, I offer my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to God, to Meishu-sama, who is one with God, and to Kyoshu-sama.

Also, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s successor, are in attendance today, so I would like to present them to you.

Mayumi-okusama, Masaaki-sama, if you may, please stand.

Thank you very much.

Later, Masaaki-sama will deliver a greeting. We greatly appreciate it.


Today, continuing from the recent Beginning of Spring Service, we were allowed to worship under the new Church symbol that Meishu-sama dearly loved and is imbued with the will of Meishu-sama in founding World Church of Messiah.

At this year’s Beginning of Spring Service, Kyoshu-sama expressed to us the following:


This symbol signifies that God’s will of creation of bearing His very own children penetrates all, and the one who governs everything is Lord God.


In addition, Kyoshu-sama gave the following guidance:


Before we were sent to this world, in heaven where God lives, this symbol, together with the name of Messiah, was engraved on the souls of all humanity.

Coming into this world with this mark engraved within us means that heaven exists within us even now at the center of each one of our consciousnesses—heaven where God’s will of creation has been accomplished.


Kyoshu-sama continued and stated:


Within us, God who shines gloriously lives, and the path to be born anew as God’s children, as Messiahs, has been accomplished.


Kyoshu-sama expressed to us that each one of us must now decide whether or not we will accept and believe in this important fact.

I understand the extreme significance of having been allowed to be awakened to the salvation that is now being fulfilled within myself through Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, under the will of God, with Meishu-sama and Jesus in unity.

Today, as we were allowed to hold the Grand Spring Service on the same day as Easter by a curious coincidence, I would like to once again give deep thought to the blessing that my unforgivable self has been forgiven by the atoning blood of Jesus, which Kyoshu-sama clearly expressed is the foundation of the Transition from Night to Day.

Furthermore, as one of the first to have been allowed to be informed of the true salvation that is unprecedented in the history of humanity, I sincerely pledge to serve in proclaiming the true salvation in the name of Messiah, together with members from all over the world under Kyoshu-sama, with permission from God. I would like to do so with joy and gratitude, and with determination and passion burning in my heart.

Everyone, as members of the World Church of Messiah that Meishu-sama truly wished for, let us engrain the honor and responsibility into our hearts, and let us joyously walk the path of widely proclaiming the arrival of the glorious and bright new era of God.

Thank you very much.

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