Hymns of Meishu-sama


Ah, how many are the fools
Who build up a prison by their own hands
And walk right into it.


Alas, the human ears!
They can hear the smallest of voices
But not the great words that resound so loudly!


In the Crystal World,
Any hidden thing will be exposed.
Any secret will be revealed!


Ah, humans,
How foolish you are!
Why do you throw aside and ignore
God’s true path that is so easy to walk on
And instead, continue to live in anguish!


The path to hell
Or the path to heaven—
It is up to each one of you
Which path you choose.
That is how this world works.

Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“Kannon faith”


In human life and particularly in Kannon faith, you must approach any matter with roundedness, flexibility and a free and unhindered spirit. By roundedness, I mean as a round ball rolls—if it has any edges, it cannot roll. It is often said that one’s rough edges are smoothed out when one goes through much in life, and this is true indeed. But in society, there are those who are covered with spikes, not to even mention edges. Their spikes make them almost unable to move, let alone roll. There are also those who make a mold, voluntarily go into it and suffer. You would think that it is enough for them to suffer on their own but these people, assuming that it is beneficial to others, push others into this mold and make them suffer, too. This is a very typical attitude of those who hold a shojo, narrow-minded faith. It is also antiquated. This way of doing things is not only unacceptable if you are a believer of a religion but also appears musty and intolerable in social life.

To have a free and unhindered spirit means you do not make molds or barriers around you. It means you do not have any religious rules, that is, commandments. It means you are free as if flying in the sky. Bear in mind, though, that the freedom I am talking about is not a selfish one; you must also respect the freedom of others.

Kannon faith is a daijo, all-encompassing faith and significantly differs from faith based on commandments. In faith based on commandments, people have a hard time keeping those commandments. This results in their pretending to obey them just for appearances and taking breathers in the back. That is, they become two-faced—something no one can sustain for a long time. They, then, will be living in falsehood, which is evil. In this sense, people with shojo faith are good on the outside and evil on the inside. In contrast, people with daijo faith are always relaxed and cheerful, for they respect the freedom of others. They do not need to be two-faced, and thus there is no falsehood in them. This is what true Kannon faith is, something we should be grateful for.

People with shojo faith gradually fall into falsehood without realizing it. This results in their wanting to show off their achievements and be regarded as important. In this way, they end up giving off a bad odor, metaphorically speaking of course, and it is something really ugly to see. Actually, the more they show off, the less important they look, producing a reverse effect. These kinds of people are whom I call petty.

Also, consider this. When I build a house, my opinion always clashes with that of builders. They build a house in order for it to look grand, that is, they do too much, so I always have to have them fix it. Human beings are the same. If you do not show off, that results in modesty and humbleness, and people will respect you sincerely. In this way, people of Kannon faith need to become ones who are respected sincerely by others.

Heaven on Earth
, no. 3, April 20, 1949

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