Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word
“The uniqueness of the salvation of our Church”


The mission of our Church is to save those who are suffering in hell into heaven and thus turn society into a heavenly state. To save people into heaven, you must climb up to heaven first and become its resident. Then you can pull everyone up to heaven and bring them salvation. In other words, you need to let down a ladder from heaven to hell, reach down with your hand and pull people up one step at a time by way of the ladder. This way of salvation is different, or rather, opposite, from all the other religions that have existed until today.

As you all well know, people of religion were usually resigned to a frugal, poor and acetic life, and while living in such poverty, or should I say, in hell, they tried to save the masses. That is, they used the ladder in the opposite way and tried to save others by pushing people upward. I think you can imagine how hard it is to push people up from below rather than pulling them up from heaven.

Having said that, this was inevitable before, as heaven was not yet established. That is, the time was not yet ripe, for the spiritual world was still night. But since 1931, the spiritual world has been gradually turning into day, and so it is getting easier to construct heaven. But bear in mind: it is not human beings who construct it but God. The construction of heaven will advance naturally as time goes by, so all we need to do is follow God’s instruction. It is God who plans, manages and uses many people as He deems fit. I am like a foreman who oversees His work. As part of my job, I am now making a copy of heaven, as you all know.

As such, when I least expect it, people say to me that they want to sell me a piece of land in a place I never imagined. When this happens, I think to myself, “Ah, I guess God is asking me to buy this land,” and as soon as I think this, the amount of money necessary to purchase it gathers to me without any trouble. Soon after, whatever else I need comes to me without fail: the most suitable architect, the most suitable civil engineer and constructor, and all the materials I need. Even just a tree for the garden is brought to me by someone out of the blue, and to my surprise, there is always a place fitting for it. Sometimes, I feel at a loss as to what to do when I acquire several trees or dozens of trees at once. But since I know that it is God who is in control of all this, I go on planting them one by one, observing the garden closely. And look at what happens. All the trees are planted perfectly, neither too many nor too few. Whenever these things happen, I always remind myself that it is indeed God who is in control of everything. Whenever I think I need this kind of stone or that kind of tree, it comes to me in a day or two without fail. If this is not a miracle, what is? I have more of these stories, and I can go on and on and on. But let me do that some other time, for I just want you to get a sense of God’s greatness.

I want you to know that I am writing this so that you understand it is not human beings who advance divine work. Rather, it is God who uses human beings as He sees fit, according to His divine plan. Knowing this, it is more than clear that the will of God is to make a copy of heaven as the first step in constructing a paradise on earth. But let me say this. It is not only copies, but each human being also must become a resident of heaven, or rather, the time has come when a human being can become its resident. Needless to say, your home, your family, has to turn into heaven, too. That way, every aspect of your life turns into heaven. It is only then that you will be able to pull up the masses from the hell they are in up to heaven. That is why I always tell my followers that they need to arrange their lives in a way that there is as little worry as possible. For that is what God wishes. Let me put it this way. Unless the three sufferings of sickness, poverty and conflict are removed, one can never save another in the truest sense. This was impossible in the world of night, but you need to know that today, it has become possible. The time of the world of suffering that the renowned Shakyamuni Buddha spoke of has already ended. If you come to understand what this truly means, the joy you feel will be truly immense; it is a joy that humanity has yet to experience.

Stories of Miracles
, October 5, 1949

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