“A paradise on earth” is a state of being in heaven as its residents filled with jubilation both in the spiritual and physical bodies

The chief objective of Kannon Church is to construct a paradise on earth. This is one awfully huge statement that stupefies timid people. But I can fully assure you that I am not telling a lie. In this hard and hell-like world we live in, our members live their lives as if they are in heaven, immersed in jubilation both in their spiritual and physical bodies. When the number of these residents of heaven increase more and more until the whole world is filled with them, that, I say, is nothing other than a paradise on earth. Ah, how easy it is to construct a paradise on earth!

“A paradise on earth,” September 1948



Meishu-sama advocated the construction of a paradise on earth, heaven on earth. Heaven and earth joining as one—this, I believe, is what the term “construction of heaven on earth” means.

Originally, heaven and earth were both God’s and were one under Him.

But we humanity took possession of all that exists on earth, including our very own existences. In this way, we created a barrier between heaven and earth—a barrier that could never be removed by our own power.

Through the forgiveness of the Transition from Night to Day, that is, through His light and power, God removed that barrier, welcomed earth into His heaven once more and made heaven and earth into one.

On this day of the Paradise on Earth Service, let us offer our gratitude to God for this enormous blessing, for the light of the Transition from Night to Day. And let each one of us return to heaven carrying with us all that exists on earth and be one with heaven.

In this way, all creation will revive, and all humanity can be born anew as children of God, Messiahs. For humanity to be born anew as children of God, Messiahs, is the true state of a paradise on earth, that is, a heaven on earth.

World Church of Messiah – Paradise on Earth Service
June 12, 2021


Meishu-sama says that a newly born child is, in other words, a paradise on earth. This Meishu-sama was born anew as the Messiah in 1954. It is this very Meishu-sama that is the prototype of a paradise on earth that we must treasure to the utmost and that we must honor and hold in reverence. I have no doubt that the construction of a paradise on earth means the expansion of the divine work throughout all humanity of being born anew by the power of Messiah following the example of Meishu-sama.

“Sacred Word of Meishu-sama Penetrates All Time and Space”
June 15, 2020

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